Why Is Diwali Celebrated? Festival Of The Lights

Diwali is a festival of the lights as well as festival of joy as well as the Diwali festival is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra and the Rama-chandra is the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu as well as the Diwali festival is also known as a Deepawali, Festival of Lights and also Dipavali. The Diwali festival is celebrated on the October or November each year as well as the celebration of the Diwali festival is about five days and the main thing is that after 15 years on this day Rama returned to his people and he fought and won a battle against the Ravana and the Ravana is a demons and the demon king.

Diwali festival is celebrated because on that day the Lord Ram is completed the 14 years of vanvaas and Lord Ram is return with the Sita and Laxman and because of that celebration is in the Lord Ram city and that celebration is of 14 days and the another reason behind the Diwali is that the Narakasura is killed by the Lord Krishna as well as killed just one day before the Diwali festival so because of that day the most of the places in India people celebrate Naraka Chaturdasi for commemorate the killing of Narakasura as well as that is followed by Diwali where the lamps are lit and also some peoples are do crackers burst.

Diwali is a festival of the fireworks as well as festive meals and also gift exchanges are there and millions of Hindus are celebrated Diwali over the world and on the Diwali festival people's make as well as buy new clothes and also clean their houses as an part of the Diwali festival preparations and also on Diwali peoples decorate home with designs drawn in white rice flour as well as with filled in with color.

On the Diwali festival peoples are traditionally illuminated house as well as buildings with oil-burning bowls which are called dipa lights as well as now a day’s peoples also use artificial lights or on the Diwali festival peoples spent time with family and also with friends. On first day of Diwali calibration peoples pray and eat a special breakfast and that is consisting of different foods and also the Lakshmi statue is carried throughout the streets in the procession as well as also on the first day some peoples set up candy or toys for the occasion.

Diwali is a Cultural as well as religious type of the festival as well as the Diwali festival is begins on the Dhanteras and ends with the Bhai Dooj and also the Diwali festival is Observed by the Hindus as well as Jains and also Sikhs or Newar Buddhists so the Diwali festival is one of the most popular festival of the Hinduism and the Diwali festival is symbolises the spiritual that means victory of good over evil as well as light over darkness and also knowledge over ignorance.

After eighteen days of Dussehra the Diwali is celebrated as well as on the Diwali festival people makes decoration of the flowers like Rangoli and Rangoli is of five day so the first day is of Dhanteras and second day is of choti Diwali then Diwali is on third day or on fourth day is padva and that denotes relationship between the wife and husband and the last day is Bhai Dooj and Bhai Dooj denote relationship between Brothers and sisters.

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