Why Celebrate Navratri ? The Nine Emperor Gods Festival

Navratri festival is a festival of lights as well as festival of joy and also Navratri festival is part of the pan Asian or that festival get different names means the Indian people called Navratri and the Chinese people's call that festivals the Nine Emperor Gods Festival as well as the Navratri festival is celebrated in more than 100 different forms.

Navratri festival is celebrated by Hindu in all over India with the devotion as well as with the enthusiasm or the celebration of the Navratri is around 9 days means we have 9 nights and on the tenth day means on last day is the day of the Goddess Durga as well as the Navratri festival is start on new mood day means approximate between 15 September to 15 October.

- : Navratri celebration is based on the primary theme means that festival is based on the truth or evil as well as the Navratri festival is celebrated as Dandiya, Garbha, Golu, Ramlila and also Durga Puja is celebrated in various parts of the country so because of that the Navratri festival is most important Indian festival.

- : Navratri festival is also known as a Navratan as well as Navratri or Nauratri and also known as a Nauratam and the Navratri festival is Observed by the Hindus as welll as by Sikhs and also by Jains and the Navratri festival is 9 day celebration and also on Navratri Observances like stage setting as well as prayers and also plays. Navratri is begins on the Ashvin Shukla Prathama and that is ends on Ashvin Shukla Navami.

- : Navratri is a festival of arts also means in the Navratri you can visit India you can see different art of different cities or states as well as South Indian families make mini museum in the house so women take a stage on that festival and feminine qualities like dance and the Navratri festival is on the historic status of women and that festival reminder of women power in ancient India.

- : In Tamilnadu the Navratri festival is known as a Golu as well as on the Navratri festival peoples buy the idols and try to create the various settings or that portray as well as culture and also on heritage or that all things are arranged on the proper format on wood or also on steel for that festival and at last its look like a mini museum at home or also more creative as well as set the modern scenes.

- : On the East India the Navratri festival is celebrated as a Durga Pooja and on Navratri the Durga wins over a demon so because of that reason that festival is victory of the truth as well as the greatness of feminism on that day you can see Durga idols on over the city as well as walks celebrating in the street.

- : In the western side of the India the Navratri festival is celebrated with lighting as well as with full of joy by playing Garba so that festival is also known as a Garba festival. Navratri is a festival of 9 nights so each night contain different Significance means the first day is for Shailaputri, second day is for Brahmacharini, third day is for the Chandraghanta, fourth day is for the Kushmanda , fifth day is for the Skandmata, sixth day is for Katyayani, seventh day is for Kalaratri, eight day is for Mahagauri and last ninth day is for the Sidhidatri.

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