What Is Seo In Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a Digital Marketing technique. SEO Digital Marketing technique is used to improve accessibility of our web site. So with the use of SEO and Digital marketing we can provide relevant content to the customers.
Now a day’s market demands a best website for get information as well as for regular use so get population on the search engine we need to implement SEO Digital Marketing in our website as well as web applications.

Target Market
SEO is not only for publicity of site with PPC or SEO it not provide only traffic in our site when we can implement SEO rules in our web site or web application at that time SEO converts traffic into customers but we need to apply all rules and regulations of SEO in our site as well as applications.

Digital Marketing Strategy
To get higher rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) we need to apply some rules and regulations like create good content means we need to provide relevant and fresh content to the customers.
Second Strategy of SEO Digital marketing is give best logical structure to our site means we need to provide best link structure as well as give proper alter text to the images.
When we can create our website user friendly then we can easily get higher rank on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to develop user friendly site we can provide best as well as fresh content to the customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Digital Marketing is very important to create any website because when we need to get our website higher on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) at that time SEO Digital Marketing is very important.
With the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we can easily find customers and increase traffic of our site means we can easily improve our site’s reputation.
There are few algorithm of Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing is given bellow :

On page algorithm
On page algorithm that measure on page factors like element of page as well as that element would lead a user think the page is useful or not.
On site algorithm is look at relation of words and content on the page as well as on page algorithm is provide features like relevant content, relative keywords, relevant title tags as well as relevant alter tag of images.
On page algorithm is included some rules and regulations are give appropriate title tag, proper Meta tag, H1 to H6 tag, Content optimization as well as keyword tracking and so on…

Off page algorithm
Off page algorithm is includes features like link building, increasing like popularity by submitting in search engines that means we need to provide our sites link to the another site.
Off page algorithm includes video submission, Blog publishing, Bookmark, we can communicate with social media and so on…

Whole site algorithm
Whole site algorithm is used to create relationship between page of site and web site.
Whole site algorithm is providing relationship for example home page is related to the content page.

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