What Is On-Page SEO And On-Page SEO Technique

On-Page algorithm is help us to crawl our web page on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We apply on page SEO to our web page or web sites as well as web applications then we can easily get higher rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

On page algorithm is included some rules and regulations are give appropriate title tag, proper Meta tag, H1 to H6 tag, Content optimization as well as keyword tracking and so on… So with that rules and regulations we can easily get higher rank on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Some Techniques of On-Page SEO is given bellow

1. Content Quality

Content Quality is a one of the most important technique of On-Page SEO because when we provide good content to the user then user can visit our site.Good content means our content of any web pages is relevant to the topic of web page as well unique compare to another site and also we can’t copy other web page content and the most important we need to write truth in our site or any web page of the site as well as articles or blogs.

2. Page titles and Meta description

When we request for any page at that time first of all crawler can crawl title tag of any web page, So appropriate title tag is most important for On-Page SEO. We need to write short and descriptive title tag to our all web pages.
Meta Description means we need to write our target keywords in description which means when we write any article or blog about any dog then dog is our target keyword.

3. Content SEO

Content SEO is a technique of On-Page SEO which defines best relevant keywords. With the best keywords user can easily search our web page. When user fire any query in search box at that time using keywords user can find easily their content.When we write any query in search box at that time autosuggestion is generate that is also part of On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

4. Heading and content Formatting

When we write any articles as well as any blog at that time proper format is require so we need to write relevant heading as a part of On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Mostly H1 tag is used for Heading.
We need to provide best formatting of our web page as well as article or blog for user. When we provide proper formatting then user take interest to read something.

5. Images and other multimedia elements

Images are always like breather in website and play a great role in attracting as well as retaining visitors to the site. Images are used to improve traffic and conversions for your site.
In Images technique we need to provide some properties to the image like relative image name, give alt tag, Image file size etc…

6. URL Optimization

URL Optimization is very important technique of On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In URL Optimization we need best and unique URL for our web site or web application.
So get best URL we need to Brainstorm five top keywords then choose any one unique form it. Keep the name of URL is short as possible as well as create and fulfill expectations.

7. Internal Links and External Links

Internal link or External link we need to provide best link structure in our web site or web application. Spider can load a page with the use of link of the pages so link structure is very important in On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
We can also include link of another web site in our web site or web application because with use of External Links we can increases traffic of our site.

8. Page Loading Speed

Page Loading Speed is included in the On-Page SEO because speed of loading any page is most important.Web site loading speed is matter to the user because user need fast result compare to our competitors. At that time SEO provides that technique to load our page as well as site speedily.

9. Mobile Friendly

Now a day’s most of the searchers are use mobile phone to get information. Mostly users are search in phone so at that time we need to develop our site or application mobile friendly.
Mobile Friendly site or application means user can easily view that site in laptop or any desktop that view is open in mobile phones also. In phone the view of site is responsive is really matter to develop best web site or web application.

10. Comments and on page SEO

Comments are very use full in On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because with the use of comments we and write comment in any site, blogs as well as articles and we can also see existing comments.

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