What Is The Most Popular Board Games Of All Times Easy To Play

There are lots of board game available, everyone from child to old anyone can easy to play this game. This is a one type of indoor game and you can play any time with your family in free time. So, let’s a take brief look in board game one by one.

It is the favourite game of Indian monarchy, who play this game often. In this game there is eight cross eight squares and sixteen chess pieces and you have to put your opponent in checkmate. Anyone can play this game from children to older age people.

2. Checkers


The Checkers is same type of game like chess, same board like chess 64 squares eight by eight squares. Checkers has different pieces than Chess and different rules.

3. Axis & Allies

Axis Allies

Axis and Allies is the series of the world war 2 and strategic game. The game was originally design in 1981 by Larry Harris. The game has been also inducted by their buyers guide as Hall of Fame.

4. Backgammon


The Backgammon is played in the last 5000 years and discovered in middle east. There are fifteen pieces of checkers which move to between 24 triangles using two dices.

5. Battleship


The Battleship is the guessing board game for the two players. This game is played by rules grids and each players fleet are marked.

6. Chutes & Ladders

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is like Snakes and Ladder where players travel the squares using dice and sometimes climb using ladders, this is the good part of game to come closer to winning game, while the snakes were stand as devil.

7. Connect


Connect Four is the two players game, first players choose colour than take and dropping into colour disc from top into seven Columns and six rows suspended grids.

8. Cranium


The Cranium is created by ex-Microsoft employee, who left his job to make a board game and Whit Alexander introduced game in 1998. This is the game for your whole brain.

9. Go


The GO is an abstract game and invited in China more than 2500 years ago. GO can played by two players and the aim is to surround more territory than the opponents. This is the all-time favourite board game which has 40 million GO players worldwide.

10. Mancala


This game is one of the oldest known game and till date it played. This is also a strategic game and played with stone, seed and beans on the board or surface of the earth.

11. Monopoly


This is the game which is play using six-sided dice to move around the board, buying and selling and also do trading of property like, house and hotels and you can get rent from the opponent player.

12. Othello


Othello is a strategy game and two players can play on 8*8 square board. There are 64 pieces which called disks one side light and dark on other side.

13. Pictionary


Pictionary is the word guessing game invented by Robert Angel and published in 1985 Angel Game Inc. The game is played in the team and trying to guess the words.

14. Risk


Risk is a strategic board game, minimum two and maximum six players can play. Its played on standard political map of the earth and divided into forty-two countries and this all countries divided into six groups.

15. Scattergories


Scattergories is the game of creativity base on played and published in 1988 by Parker Brothers. This game played by minimum two and maximum six players.

16. Scrabble


Scrabble is word game, two to four players can play at a time and playing scrabble you should improve your vocabulary. Its and 15*15 square board.

17. Stratego


Stratego is the played by two players on 10 by 10 square board and each player controlling 30 pieces individual officer rank and army. This game is like a chess you can say like that.

18. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

The Trivial Pursuit is and basically Canadian board game where player have to give general knowledge and popular culture questions based on their ability.

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