Top 10 Smartest Countries In The World

Here we will talk about world’s top 10 smartest country. In smart country we’ll talk about its IQ rank and how it different from other countries. In the top 10 smart country there are most Asian and European countries are placed. So, here we take brief look into this.

IQ Rank : 100.4

Finland is north European country. Finland stand at 8th most intelligence country in the world with 99 IQ rank. According to World Happiness Report 2018 Finland is happiest countries in the world, including GDP, social support, freedom and corruption and also in Finland has lower in medical risks, security and road safety compared to other countries.

2. Austria


IQ Rank : 99

Austria is also European country located in central Europe, with German language speaking country. Austria stand at 7th position in all over the world with IQ rank 100. Geniuses of Austria come from his competitive wealth and according to CIA Austria is 33rd wealthiest country by GDP.

3. Denmark


IQ Rank : 99

Here, another European country Denmark, which like small Island. Denmark is at 9th rank in all over the world by with 99 IQ rank. Denmark is one of the clean and smart country of the world, Smart Country Convention will convene 10,000 participants from public and private sector to do Digitize Public Service. SCC is working on doing digital infrastructure, e-education, e-health, e-mobility, medical and robots like all digital sectors.

4. Estonia


IQ Rank : 99

Estonia is north European country, including more than 1500 islands. Estonia is world’s one of the smartest country ever. In the Estonia, 97% of all schools are online in 1997 and government built free WI-FI network in all inhabited area in 2002. Since 2007, Estonia did possible to vote digitally and its take only three minutes to complete his tax declaration. Estonia’s Intelligence quotient rank at 99 position in all over the world.

5. Italy


IQ Rank : 97

Italy is one of the most intelligence south-central European country. Italy stand at 5th rank in all over the world with 97 IQ rank. Italy is republic with more than 60 million people, largest city of the country is Rome, more than 80% of population are Christian identified as Roman Catholic. According to CIA Italy’s economy is 4th largest in European zone.

6. Japan


IQ Rank : 105

Japan one more Asian country who famous for technology and smart innovation and 90% of early internet memes. Japan has ridicules education system, an average 105 IQ rank which is 100 times more than you find in any average person. Japanese are very ridiculously about work, ridiculously doing hard work and ridiculously about job and it's at 4th position in IQ rank worldwide.

7. Netherlands


IQ Rank : 102

Netherlands is located in north-western Europe, which is known for flat landscape of canals and Museums. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam, who known for cycling and canals. Netherlands education system stand at seventh rank into all over the worlds. A CD, DVD, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi all this thing invented by Netherlands. Its education system better than United State, Canada, and Australia.

8. Singapore


IQ Rank : 108

Singapore is little island city-state at the southern part of Malaysia. When Singapore independent from Malaysia it was poorest states in the world. There were no any natural resources to fulfil country’s needs and development. Nowadays, we can’t imagine the world’s poorest country in future become leader of education, technology and science. This all things managed by long-serving leader Lee Kuan Yew who turn his house into global power house.

OECD says, only Singapore has the single greatest education system in the world. Compare to any other country Singaporean and their students are more intelligent. Now, Singapore is world’s smartest and technology uses country.

9. South Korea

South Korea

IQ Rank : 106

South Korea at 3rd position on global education ranking system. Its located in southern of China. Korea is hi-tech paradise with internet, use of smartphone and clever people who doing clever things. South Korea is leading smartphone manufacturing country all over the world. South Korea is one step ahead than North Korea because its country with sterling education system.

10. Taiwan


IQ Rank : 106

Now, this is some little confusion you might be thinking that Taiwan isn’t country so why this added to this list, because the IQ rank 106 which is highest than any other country and in education rank Taiwan is fourth best education country in the world.

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