Who Are The 10 Most Richest Families In The World

The World’s top 10 richest family across the world are from mainly four country. Most of them are have there own business like candy and many more luxury brand making company. Among them most of from United State of America and then Germany, France and Mexico. Top two family’s wealth are more than $1 trillion and reset of at least $40 billion wealth.

Wealthy : $90 billion

Industry : Private Company

Country : America

The Koch Family is belong to United State of America. Koch industry is engaged with many businesses like, oil, chemical, real estate, finance and many more. Koch industries, which is the second largest industry in the USA. Fred C. Koch, who start the business and find the method of converted crude oil into gasoline in 1940. Fred’s four sons, among them two Charles and David who’s know as Koch Brothers, with Koch industry.

2. The Arnault Family - France

The Arnault Family

Wealthy : $84.5 billion

Company : LVMH

Country : France

This is second richest family from France. The Arnault family headed by Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault who business magnet, inventor, and collector. Bernard Arnault is chairmen and chief executive officer of LVMH, the world largest luxury company and his empire of 60 brands include Louis Vuitton and Sephora.

3. The Bettencourt Family - France

The Bettencourt Family

Wealthy : $48 billion

Company : L’Oréal

Country : France

The Bettencourt family is belonging to France. Eugene Schueller is chemist who developed a unique hair dye formula in 1910. Later, He establish L’Oréal and his family own 33% of company’s shares. After Liliane Bettencourt died, her daughter hold the company as chairwomen and she become richest women in the Europe also, she written three books.

4. The Cargill-MacMillan Family - US

The Cargill-MacMillan Family

Wealthy : $50 billion(Approx)

Country : USA

The Cargill-MacMillan is an American family. Family is one of the wealthiest families in the world and ranked as the fourth wealthiest family in America in 2016. Mr. Cargill founded Cargill Inc. as a small grain storage company in 1865. Today the Cargill Inc. is the largest private company in the world, with nearly $120 billion in revenue and 125,000+ employees in 60+ countries.

5. The Cox Family - US

The Cox Family

Wealthy : $41 billion

Country : USA

The Cox family is an American family. The Cox family focus on cable TV and automotive technology, before that they publishing newspaper. Later, company expanded Cox Enterprises includes Cox Communication like Cable TV, broadband and Cox Media Group like newspapers, TV, radio stations and automotive. By Cox Enterprise, family already owns the AutoTrader.com, Kelley Blue Book and Manheim car auctions.

6. The House of Saud - Saudi Arabia

The House of Saud

Wealthy : $1.5 trillion

Industry : Oil

Country : Saudi Arabia

The House of Saud is a Saudi Arabian family who ruled in Saudi Arabia since 1700s, through government has been taken place since 1932. The House of Saud is headed by king Salman bin Abdul-Aziz al Saud. It’s an Arabian family so not surprisingly, but it’s most of the al-Saud wealth is comes from oil reserves.

7. The Rothschild Family - Germany

The Rothschild Family

Wealthy : $351 billion - $2 trillion

Industry : Banking/Finance

Country : Germany

The Rothschild family belong to Germany and rich Jewish family. The family is associated with banking and finance business. Mayer Amschel Rothschild who founded the banking business in duchy of Hesse 1760s. Over time, Mayer Rothschild’s five sons, help to expanded his business in many European countries like, Paris, London, Vienna, Austria and Naples. A motto of The Rothschild family is Concordia Integritas Industria, means “ Harmony, Integrity, Industry”. The family is elected in Holy Roman Empire and United Kingdom for the nobel rank.

8. The Slim Family - Mexico

The Slim Family

Wealthy : $64 billion

Country : Mexico

Carlos Slim Helu was richest person of the Mexico and seventh wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes Magazine. Grupo Carso company who founded by Slim family acquired 41% of the stock in Maxico Stock Exchange, Later on the empire is headed by his sons.

9. The Mars Family - US

The Mars Family

Wealthy : 78 billion

Company : Mars Inc.

Country : US

The Mars family is an American family. The family was ranked by richest family in the United State in 1988. The Mars siblings, Jacqueline, John and the successor of their brother Forrest Jr. own Mars Inc. The Mars Inc. is one of the largest candy maker company in the world. Forrest Sr. joined company in 1929, same time the company invented the malt flavoured nougat and which, liked Milky Way and Snickers. After the company invented M&Ms, and they produced 400 million M&Ms in US each day. Later, Jacqueline’s son Stephen Badger Serves on Mars Inc as Board of Direction. Victoria Mars, the eldest daughter of the late Forrest Jr., is chairman of the board of directors of Mars Inc.

10. The Walton Family - US

The Walton Family

Wealthy : $174.5 billion

Company : Walmart

Country : US

The Walton family is American family who richest family of United State and among the richest family in the world. The Walton family name behind the Walmart which is world largest retailer. Walmart founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and his brother James Bud in Rogers, Ark. Today, It is biggest business in the USA, by revenues $480 billions. As, Dec 2014 the Walton collectively owned around 50% of the company.

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