How To Cure Dry Throat Top 10 Natural Home Remedies

Dry throat may be because of cold, viral infection, swelling, dehydration etc.Sometimes low immunity may cause so many diseases it may be one of them. Dry throat pains a lot in the throat and as a result you cannot eat properly. During winter season harsh air may cause the dry throat and during summer season not proper amount of liquid consumes by you cause the dry throat.

Here, we are suggesting some home remedies which helps you a lot to protect your throat without consulting the doctor. But if you are suffering from this problem more than 4 days then consult your doctor first.

Honey is famous for its moisturizing property it helps to soothe the dry throat. Honey also has an antibacterial and antiseptic property which helps to heal the throat faster. Honey has absorbing property of water so, it helps to throw out the water from the inflamed cells and reduces the lumping. Honey provides coating to throat; keeps it hydrated and reduce the irritation.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has an antibacterial property which helps to solve the problem of dry throat. Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing apple. When apple is crushed slowly it converts into Alcohol and then after it convert into acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar is rich source of vitamin C which helps to boosts the immunity system and increases the white blood cells in the body. As its antibacterial property it helps to reduce the growth of bacteria in the throat also.
Remedy : you have to add a one tablespoon vinegar in the water and mix it well and drink it.
2. Take a warm water inside it add vinegar and little bit salt. Gargle with this water three times per day can get relief from the dry throat.

3. Gargle Salt Water

Gargle Salt Water

Gargle with salt water is the best and cheapest way to get rid of the dry throat. Salt has an antibacterial property which helps to reduce the growth of bacteria in the throat. Salt water reduces the mucus, and helps to inhibit the growth of microbes. You have to add salt as per your taste in the warm water and gargle with it. Then spit out that water.

4. Ginger Root Tea

Ginger Root tea

Ginger has a property which helps to reduce the pain of the throat. Ayurveda believes that ginger is the universal herb as it is very useful to get the body health back because it directly affects the cells of the body. Ginger is very helpful in blood purification process as it helps to throw out the toxins from your body. Antimicrobal property of ginger helps to reduce the growth of the bacteria that is the reason of dry throat. You can drink a ginger tea to reduce the pain of dry throat.

5. Licorice root (Mulethi)

Licorice root (Mulethi)

Licorice is also known as mulethi as per its sweeten taste; useful herb for the organ related disease. Every time dry throat is not only because of the bacterial infection sometimes it may be viral infection also. So, at that time always antibiotics don’t helps to get relief. Licorice is the very useful in a condition of viral infection also. Get relief from the dry throat means normal secretion of mucous, licorice helps a lot. Licorice helps to reduce the inflammation and reduces the swelling. You can chew the licorice root or you can use it in your tea to get relief from the dry throat.

6. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a one of the spice used in food for taste. Cinnamon is used as a home remedy to get rid of dry throat and improves the immunity power. Cinnamon has an antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory property. Because of antifungal and antibacterial property, it is used to reduce the pain of sore throat by preventing the growth of bacteria which causes the dry throat. Anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce the pain of dry throat. You can add cinnamon to the herbal tea to get sooth throat. Add cinnamon stick in warm water and drink it with one tablespoon of honey.

7. Lozenges


One of the substance that can help you to reduce the pain of dry throat or make it moisturize; is Lozenges. Lozenges helps to stimulate the production of saliva and helps to keep moisturize the tissue and thus helps to prevent the dry throat. If you are diabetic patient then you can use sugar free candies for this problem. In short you have to keep moisturize your throat by sucking this kind of substances.

8. Steaming


Dry throat is may be because of viral infection, smoking, dehydration, harsh air during winter season, etc.Steam is nothing but in simple words it is a vaporize of the water.Steaming is the simplest way to keep moisturize your throat.Steaming helps to heals your throat pain quickly and reduce the irritation.You can use steaming machine available in the market to reduce the pain of your dry throat. Steaming not only useful for throat but it can be helps to clear the blockage of nasals and regular secretion of mucus. You can also add salt into the water to get a sore throat.

9. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves is the best herb and small plant used for many diseases related to cold, throat. Tulsi has not any side effects so, you can use it anytime. Cold may also cause the dry, itching throat. For night cough tulsi leaves are best home remedy. Not alone tulsi leaves but you have to use it with honey to prevent from cold and throat problems. You can make a tea and add the tulsi leaves in it for reduce the pain of dry throat. Another remedy is that you canmix tulsi leaves with honey and chew that leaves.

10. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric has an antioxidant property which helps to boost your immunity system. As you can add it in your food to improve the blood circulation and protect your body from disease. Turmeric milk is well known remedy to get rid of cough. Turmeric milk helps you to get your clear throat back. Anti-inflammatory property of turmeric helps to reduce the pain of itching and dry throat and used to get relief from the gastric problems also. So, you can use turmeric milk in case of dry, sore throat and to improve your immunity on regular basis also.

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