Top 10 Most Famous Pirate Ship in History

We all know that in the past there was a main type of transportation of goods and for doing trades easily and only with the help of ships. Ship is an easy and convenient way of trade with one nation to another by sea. There are some pirate ships which are famous due to their type and design. From all of them there are the top 10 pirate ships in history which were most famous forever. Here are the details of all of them as further below.

Today we are talking about most famous pirate ships in a past history as.

Adventure Galley

Adventure Galley

In 1696, in the world of maritime exploration, Captain William Kidd was a rising star. William Kidd had taken a French prize as a bounty hunter in 1689. In 1696, he was successful in persuading a group of some rich friends to finance a privateering voyage.

The Adventure Galley having equipped a 34-gun behemoth, he set off on a first mission to hunt down French warships and pirates in the Caribbean sea. Also the Adventure Galley was equipped with 34 cannons & 23 oars for moving the ship in calm winds.

Livingston in New York had refused to grant him a pardon, and he was sent to London in a short time period, where he was imprisoned and he got hanged for piracy in 1701.

CSS Alabama

CSS Alabama

The screw sloop-of-war Alabama was constructed by John Laird Sons & Company of Liverpool of England, it was a great achievement for the Confederate States of America in 1862.

After being renamed it, the ship, which was originally named Enrica, was converted to a big cruiser and finally commissioned as CSS Alabama on 24 August 1862.

Alabama was destroyed permanently by the Union cruiser Kearsarge off the coast of Normandy on 19 June 1864.



During the voyage to Africa in the year 1721, George Lowther served as a 2nd mate on board the Gambia Castle (Delivery), known as a mid-sized English Man of War. The Gambia Castle, which was delivering a garrison to a stronghold on the African coast at the time of the incident, occurred.

When the troops arrived, they discovered that their living quarters and food supplies were inadequate. Lowther had fallen out of favor with his captain and was able to persuade the disgruntled troops to join him in a mutiny against him.

Lowther sold out the Delivery for a more seaworthy ship, which led to his death ultimately. Lowther died after being stranded on a desolate island when Lowther's ship went missing.

Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Annes Revenge

Edward Teach, well known by his pirate nickname “Blackbeard”, was one of the most dreaded pirates then all of the others in history. In November 1717, he seized the French ship “La Concorde”, which had been used to carry enslaved persons across the Atlantic Ocean.

He re-equipped his Concorde with 40 guns and after that he renamed it as “Queen Anne's Revenge” after the Queen of England for her remembering. Blackbeard totally controlled the Caribbean & the eastern coast of North America from his vessel very securely and easily, which he armed with 40 cannons on it.

The Queen Anne's Revenge went aground and was forced to abandon ship in 1718. In 1996, divers discovered a sunken ship in the seas off the coast of North Carolina that they believe to be the Queen Anne's Revenge.



In Assassins kid: Black Flag, you may recall him as the chubby guy you meet near a beach at the beginning of the game who actually wants to help you to reach Cuba.

At the age of around 30 years, he made the great decision to join the pirate crew. He is the first pirate in the past history to have purchased his own ship: In 1717, he bought a 10 gun sloop that he called the Revenge and equipped her with his own special crew.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

It was a pirate ship with 35 Guns that boarded with a crew of 135 men that were in the leadership of Captain Christopher Moody. Before that Black Bart had previously commanded Moody's prior crew until Christopher Moody decided to form his own.

A brigantine with 8 guns, under the command of Captain Frowd & a sloop with the same No’s of firearms, accompanied the ship Rising Sun on her voyage in 1718.

At a time of inspection of Moody's fleet for signs of aggression and piracy, Jamaican Governor by name Archibald Hamilton came away convinced that the infamous vessels were used to rule over the waters between two islands that are the islands of St. Christophers and Santa Croix, where they were burned the ship and destroyed the ships that they had successfully plundered.

Royal Fortune

Royal Fortune

Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts was a legendary pirate who captured & looted hundreds of ships over the course of a 3 year of his career. During this time, he traveled through a number of flag-ships. The biggest Royal Fortune ship was a 40-cannon monster manned by 157 people, and it was completely capable of squaring off against any Royal Navy ship of the day.

In February 1722, Roberts was on board of the Royal Fortune when he was killed in fight against the Swallow, which he was commanding.

The Fancy

The Fancy

The Fancy is the most fearsome ship of the Golden Age of Piracy; this warship was well known for its speed & deception. If you have seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, you'll recognize this ship as the real-life equivalent of the Black Pearl. It embarked crew members of 140 men commanded under Henry Avery, a successful privateer who had sailed with this ship before. Avery and his crew planned a revolt in May 1694, & they became pirates. In the Indian Ocean, they renamed the ship as Fancy and used her to loot the trade ships that passed through their boundaries.

After a while, fancy turned out to be one of the most valuable scores ever amassed by a pirate. After a long time, a strange incident occurred one day when The Fancy and her crew were lost at sea.

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is one of the legendary pirate ships then all the others. In European mythology, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship destined to sail forever; when it appears in front of sailors.

As told about that, Captain Vanderdecken risks his life by promising to round the Cape of Good Hope during a big storm and is thus condemned to sail all around the Cape for the rest period of his life; It is this that served as inspiration for Richard Wagner's(1843).

The Whydah


The Whydah was built as a slave ship and set sail from London in 1715 to capture African slaves. The country received its name in honor of a West African port city named Ouidah, which is well known today as Benin. Under the leadership of Lawrence Prince, this 300-ton vessel, played a significant role in the "triangular trade," slave traffic that took place between Africa & Europe.

Whydah went down in a huge storm off the coast of Cape Cod on April 26, 1717, it was thought to have been carrying out wealth from more than 50 ships. A professional treasure hunter Barry Clifford, found the ship in 1984 and has since collected more than 100,000 different items from the wreckage of the ship.

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