The Most Expensive Hotels In The World And Their Locations

If you travel to any country or city outside your hometown then one first thing comes to your mind. Where to stay? Answer is in hotel which provides you paid accommodation and another services. But the services and accommodation is depends on the location of the hotel and charges paid by the customer. Some hotel’s infrastructure is like a heaven, provides a very great service and collect the accordingly charges. You can go to the hotel according to your budget as all range of hotels available.

Budget is no bound to you then you want luxurious facilities, excellent service, in the top class location and in every country then you can visit some hotel. We are going to give you description about some most expensive hotels in the world.

Royal penthouse suite is located on the top floor of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. This vast penthouse has a 12 bedroom with marble bathrooms. Two master bathrooms have a gorgeous look face towards the Geneva Lake. For the purpose of safety window of this penthouse is bulletproof. One personal lift is available which takes you to the living room directly. Music lover have an extremely happiness is that one grand piano is also available at the Royal Penthouse suite. One personal chef is always with you to serve you. One large high class TV is also available in the penthouse to entertain you.

2. The Grand Penthouse at The Mark, New York

The Grand Penthouse at The Mark, New York

The grand penthouse at the Mark is the amazing five star luxurious hotel in the USA. The Grand penthouse is designed by the French interior designer with epic look of residence and luxurious facilities with extra comfort. This penthouse is made in the mark hotel, New York on the top 2 floor. This lavish penthouse has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 2 sinks in each so no one has to wait to use bathrooms. Penthouse has a beautiful roof top terrace from where you can see prime view of city. In the terrace outdoor dining facility is also available. Living room is infrastructure such as it has a 26 feet high ceiling.

3. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia

Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine

Extremely costly hotel is not on the highest point but it is in the deepest point called “Lover’s Deep”. Lovers Deep is a underwater hotel near the reef off the coast of St. Lucia. All rooms in this hotels are soundproof and provides a personal chef. Lover’s Deep is a location where you can enjoy the marine views. Because of its uniqueness this hotel is a point of attraction among st the media also. It coasts £175,000 per night.

4. Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

Raj Palace Hotel

Raj palace hotel is located in Rajasthan in India makes you remember of the monarchy. It was a palace of king now converted to the grand hotel. This hotel is unique as it gives a memory of maharajah. If you want a real taste of luxurious living of Indian then you have to prefer to go to this hotel. You can see wonderful design of Indian art inside this palace. When you step in this hotel you realize the royal historical look and antic crockery.

5. The Apartment at the Hotel Connaught in London

The Apartment at the Hotel Connaught in London

When you first step to this apartment and its lavishing look makes you attract towards its creativity. It is London’s best penthouse where door is hand-carved by legendry designers. You do not have to worry about anything as once you enter in the penthouse there is one personal chef who takes care all of your food needs. Apartment has two bedrooms and each has a private balcony. Infrastructure of apartment is very eye catching as every blank space is decorated by some creativity.

6. Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Arab is most expensive and famous among the tourists, not just a hotel but more than a hotel. Guests are charges according to their luxury and services. Burj al arab is build between Arabian sea and height is 321 meters above the sea. Private butler service is available at Burj Al Arab. Gold interior gives a stunning look to the hotel which can not be matched with any other hotels. Five swimming pools, complimentary access to wild wadi waterpark facilities are available when you stay at there.

7. Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate, Fiji

Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate, Fiji

Laucala resort is in the lap of the mountain and lavished with greenery of coconut plants. Beautiful atmosphere of the hilltop will attract you towards itself, as it has spread its beauty near the mountains. Laucala is spread on the north side of the island so you can enjoy the scuba diving, forest tour, horse riding etc. The main thing about Laucala Island is that you got a fresh organic food, as fruits, vegetables are organically produced on island’s farm only. Luxirious bedroom, library, food facilities are well organized.

8. Penthouse Suite at Cannes Hotel Martinez, France

Penthouse Suite at Cannes Hotel Martinez, France

Largest and splendid suite of france is located on the seventh floor of the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez. Penthouse suite is spread in a 300 meter square area, one of the largest suit of the France. Four bedrooms each have a king size bed furnished with art by Picasso and Matisse. Four bedrooms penthouse has its over garden which gives a breathtaking view of the bay. Outdoor dining table facilities are available with the view of sea. Bose sound system, dining table, work desk, butler service are available in this lavish penthouse suit.

9. Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa in Athens, Greece

Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa in Athens, Greece

Not only interior but splendid exterior welcomes the prestige guest with the high class facilities and luxurious living. Grand resort Lagonissi is near the bay you can take a bath near the shore of the bay. Two master bedrooms with king size bad, large bathrooms with marble furnished is available. Living room with fireplace, dining table, kitchen, equipped gym, private massage area, steam bath, indoor and outdoor heated pool all these facilities available in the Royal villa. Private pool is heated as per need. Personal butler service is also exists.

10. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Palms Casino Resort

Palms Casino Resort is located in Las Vegas, luxurious living and in the category of most expensive hotel in the world. A sky villa on the top floor is in the tower known as fantasy tower. Now this tower is known as Palms place tower. Palms Casino resort charges $30000 per night and as per facilities. Palms Casino resort is very well known for nightlife activities. 703 guestrooms, five restaurants, housekeeping, town car service facilities are available.

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