What's The Most Expensive Fashion Brand In The World

People spend lots of money to purchase cloths to look descent and unique from others. When you talk about the brand then for clothes various brands are available in the market. Every year survey is declared on the most expensive brands.

Thomas burberry was the founder of this iconic and luxurious brand. First shop of the burberry was opened in the London. Burberry is a british brand. Burberry had designed the coats which were worn by the solders. These coats were available in two colors only for men. Now, Burberry is making coats for men and women both. Designs of this brand is unique and worth to spend money in it.

2. Chanel


This brand is very famous amongst the rich people. Rich people can only afford this much price for the clothes. As you pay this much money quality is equally high. Chanel is updated with people’s demand so always takes care about people’s choice and make a design accordingly, in fact not copied from anywhere. Not only fashionable but also comfortable clothes it designs. Mostly younger generation love this brand as it is the most expensive fashion brand in the world.

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