Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Machine In The World

When you wake up in morning from sweet sleep, first thing comes to your mind is that tea or coffee. Coffee machine ranges from various prices which come in the budget of restaurants or café. Have you ever think about most expensive coffee machine? Question arises in your mind is that what is the extra feature that expensive machine provides to you. Espresso makers are most expensive coffee makers amongst the available machine. Here we are going to describe top 10 most expensive coffee machines in the world.

Totally creative design of coffee machine is a in the mind of everyone in USA, who is coffee lover. This machine is basically first found in New York City. Roasting plant is a company using this javabot machine. Multiple column transparent tube is filled up with green coffee beans. This machine makes coffee as it is handmade. It instantly grinds the beans and brews the coffee with its fresh and original taste. Most expensive this coffee machine is because of its design. As this multiple tubes stored with coffee beans, attract the coffee lovers towards itself rather than coffee making process. No doubt it gives a classic taste of original coffee.

2. Blossom One Limited (Price - US$ 11,111)

Blossom One Limited

Blossom one machine contains the mechanism that runs on the two eight bit processor and language used in processor is ANSI C. This machine contains the camera and wifi facility. It takes very less time to change the temperature. Blossom one is able to make a smooth cup of coffee with no more bitter taste. Blossom one wants some parameter in advance like brew temperature, grams of water and coffee, time. For different region brewer comes with its recipe at the very start point. As far as temperature is concern water is heated in the boiler, as well as brew chamber is also heated.

3. The Siphon Bar (Price - $20,000)

The Siphon Bar

Blue bottle Café Company in New York has made an attractive machine for coffee is known as Siphon bar. Once you see this machine you find it as a crafted piece because of its design. The worth about this coffee machine is that it brewing using glass globe, halogen power heat and bamboo paddles. Pot consists of two globes, bottom globe is used to evaporate water and meets to the upper globe. Bamboo paddle is used to stir the coffee, remove the heat and back to the normal globe. This brewer contains 3 or 5 cup sizes.

4. Clover (Price – $ 11,000)


This coffee machine is extremely high prices you cannot afford it. In 2006 first clover was identified in the market and 100 machines were sold out, in very next year selling was thrice. Starbucks purchased Coffee Equipment Company so you can find Clover at there. First beans are precisely weighted to the gram and then it is added in the cup. Then beans are poured in the hot water, 202 degree temperature is fixed. But according to the beans you have selected brew time is varied. Clover push up and down the mixture in the vessel, combine the qualities of coffee. This is whole coffee process in the clover.

5. Elektra Belle Epoque (Price – $20,000)

elektra belle epoque

Creative design of Elektra is attracts not only coffee lover but also normal person. Italian style espresso maker Elektra bele epoque is made of the costly metals like copper and brass. This machine have both the functionalities as manually and automatic. You can found this machine at the very ancient place like restaurants, hotels etc. The unique feature of this espresso is cup holder compartment with dual access.

6. Slayer Espresso (Price - $18,500)

slayer espresso

You will see this machine then you find it is designed by amazed designer to value a coffee making process. This company is located in the Seattle, Washington. You can see advancement in the design of the Slayer espresso. Designer of Slayer espresso may be think that coffee making process is an art, so this model helps you to make a coffee as per your taste. Slayer espresso makes a coffee with ultra modern technology and design.

7. The Rancilio Classe 10 (Price - $18,500)

The Rancilio Classe

The Rancilio classe 10 is an electronic Italian based machine is eye catching design, attract coffee lovers by not only its design but also some unique features. This brewer is made up of the Rancilio SB technology, totally automatic process which can be controlled by software only. Different versions of this machines are available like classe 10 S, 10 USB, 10 RE. This machine provides two feature heating alone or heating and frothing milk simultaneously. Another facility is electric cup warmer for so many cups are available.

8. Van Der Westen Speedster (Price – $20,000)

van der westen speedster

Highly précised espresso machin van der westen speedster is made up of the stainless steel and polish with chrome. This machine is made in the one village of the Netherlands. Amazed machine gives the tasty sip of coffee is the reason public likes to purchase it. Awesome design of this machine creates a place in everyone’s mind as it is easy to use and very qualitative. Every year company makes only 400 machines and sold out.

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