How To Stop Watery Eyes Immediate Top 10 Natural Home Remedies

Eye is an important organ of the human body. Sometimes cold may cause you sneezing and watery eyes. Reason for watery eyes is excessive use of computer, mobile phone, viral infection, cold, allergy etc.

Dust, pollution also harmful for eyes. Tears clear the eyes by removing the unnecessary particles from the eyes. But excessive tears are not good for eyes it causes the inflammation, red and dry eyes. You can get rid of stop watery eyes Immediate from top 10 natural home remedies.

Cucumber can be used in more than one way as it is very useful for the eye health. You can add it in your diet also to improve your vision. Full of vitamins and minerals cucumber can be used to solve problems related to eyes. Cucumber has an anti-inflammatory property helps to reduce the irritation of eyes also. Cooling nature of cucumber helps to get relief from the watery eyes. You have to do thin slice of cucumber and put it over the both the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes to get cooling in eyes.

2. Cold compress

Cold compress

Watery eyes may also be due to itching in the eyes and by rubbing eyes. Ice is a very cool in nature helps to get relieve from this problem. Ice helps to get relief from the inflammation and irritation as it is cool and anti-inflammatory property. What you have to do is simply put ice cubes in one plastic bag and wrap it with one cloth rinsed into the cold water. Mop this cold compress around the eyes which is affected. Mop it for 10 minutes only. Do not mop it over time because ice is inside this homemade cold compress makes your eyes senseless.

3. Rinse It With Water

Rinse It With Water

Eyes are very sensitive organ of the human body. But you have to protect it with very carefulness. Pollution, dirt, infection can cause a harm to the eyes. You have to rinse your eyes with the cool water which helps to give cooling. If you are frequently rinsing your eyes with cool water then it helps you to remove the inappropriate substance like dust which indirectly helps you to clear your eyes. Even though you are not suffering from any problems then also you have to rinse your eyes with cool water to keep it healthy.

4. Warm Compress

Warm compress

Warm compress is useful technique not only for watery eyes but also for the dry eye, red eyes. Warm compress can improve the blood circulation around the eye area. Warm compress to your eyes until pus is released from your eyes. As pus released from your eyes will helps you to quick heal from the swollen eyes. Take one cloth and dip it into the warm water, squeeze it and put against the eyes. (Take care water should not be too hot). You can also blow heat from your mouth to any cloth and put that cloth on your eyes directly.

5. Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its antibacterial property. Take a castor oil and in dropper as it is very thick liquid you cannot drop it easily. Anti-inflammatory property of the castor oil is very helpful for red and watery eyes. Castor oil is very helpful for beautiful eyelashes. Take a dropper and put one drop of castor oil in your eyes before sleeping .Slowly the oil will go to the eyes when you sleep. Castor oil behaves as a lubricant in your eyes helps to reduce the dryness of your eyes.

6. Chamomile


Chamomile is from the category of the flower. Antibacterial and antimicrobial property of the chamomile is helpful as a remedy of the watery eyes and conjunctivitis. Chamomile is used to wash the eyes, as you have to take 3 tablespoon of chamomile and add it into the boil water. Then strain the mixture and leave it to cool. Use only fresh mixture because old mixture is not beneficial. Wash your eyes from this liquid. People who is allergenic to chamomile this remedy is not useful for them.

7. Coriander


Coriander is rich source of Vitamin A which is very helpful for the vision of eyes. Coriander is generally used in Indian cuisine. Not only you can use it for the watery eyes remedy but you can also consume it for great vision. Antioxidant property of coriander helps you to reduce the inflammation of eyes and redness also. Antibacterial property is helpful for preventing the disease like conjunctivitis.

8. Rose Water

Rose Water

Rose water is cool in nature and very good home remedy for watery eyes. Rose water has anti inflammatory, antioxidant property. But rose water which is available in the market can consist of so many other ingredients. So, you have to use only homemade rose water not other rose water as it is not beneficial for your eyes. You have to take a cotton ball soaked into the rose water and put it on the eyes. It will help you to get rid of watery eyes and inflammation.

9. Tea Bag

Tea Bag

Same as all the other ingredients green tea also has a antioxidant and antibacterial property. Tea bags can be used to treat the watery eyes. You have to steep the tea bags in the hot water and then cool it down for some time. Squeeze the tea bag properly and then cool down the mixture and put it in the freeze for chilling purpose. Then use those tea bags over the eyes for 20 minutes.

10. Vitamins


Watery eyes are not only because of any infection or allergy but it may be because of some vitamin deficiency. Problems occur due to some deficiency of the vitamins like A, B12 etc. You have to take this vitamin to get rid of this type of problems. You have to add the food in your diet which contains all these vitamins. You have to take a food like carrot, coriander, spinach, all green vegetables which are beneficial for eyes. You can also add omega 3 fatty acid foods like salmon in your diet to increase production of lubricants in your eyes.

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