Top 10 Home Remedies For Cold And Cough With Honey And Turmeric

Cold is a very common disease among all people. People do not take it so seriously if they are suffering from the cold. There are various types of cold like viral infection, allergy of dust, seasonal cold etc. If you have allergy of dust may cause a cold then best solution is stay away from that allergic component. But in case of seasonal cold you can apply these home remedies to get rid of cold. Cold also invite other disease like headache, nose congestion, minor fever etc.

Cold may be of two types. Cold with cough and cold without cough. Cold with cough is more harmful. You may get rid of cold without going to the doctor. Because there are so many home remedies are available to prevent the cold or to get rid of both type of cold.

You have may be listen somewhere that insufficient sleep can give invitation to so many diseases. So, one of the reason to take a proper amount of sleep. Sufficient sleep can give a rest to your body and make your mind fresh. Sleep is very important aspect to keep you healthy. Some medicines of cold also cause to make you fell sleepy because you feel better not because you fell sleepy. Normal person have to take a sleep of 8 hours to make your mind fresh and healthy.

2. Eat Chicken Soup

Eat Chicken Soup

If you are not pure vegetarian then one best home remedy to get rid of common cold is drink chicken soup. Chicken soup made at home with green vegetables has lots of nutrition and vitamins which helps to fight the cold. In vegetables you can add garlic and onion which is a good ingredient which helps to well function your immunity system. During cold you don’t like to eat much because of weather, you don’t have sufficient energy. so, chicken soup is source of the healthy diet, sufficient calories inside it. So, during winter season if you start drinking chicken soup then you can stay away from cold.

3. Salt Water Gargle

Salt Water Gargle

Cold may cause to throat problems like sore and itchy throat. You can not get rid of the cold easily. At that time one cup of hot water and salt may helps a lot. Mixture of salt and lukewarm helps to relieve from the cold. You have to gargle with this salty water which removes the fungal infection, allergens, itching, and pain from the throat. You have to gargle with this salted water three times per day to get relief from the throat problems.

4. Give Your Nose A Massage

Give Your Nose A Massage

During a cold you are suffering from the nasal congestion which suffers a lot to take even a breath. At this time you can massage lower portion of nostril to get little bit relief from the congestion. To get relief from the congested nose, headache you have to massage not only the nose but also third eye portion which is between two eyebrows which is linked with your nose. Another point is side of your two eyebrows where you can give pressure some minutes helps to get relief from the headache, eye tiredness, nasal congestion because these points also meet to the nose.

5. Steam


Steam is one of the awesome ways to reduce your pain during cold. Steam is helpful for sore throat, nose and headache also. It is very simple and cheapest way to stay away from cold. If you breathe some steam then you can get rid of breath taking problems. You can add the water in it and give a heat to it until it vaporized. You have to put your head over the steaming vessel and take a breath so slowly through your nose. But be careful from overheating because it may cause your nose burn.

6. Use An Air Humidifier

Use An Air Humidifier

Usage of Air humidifier is during winter season widely. Because during winter air becomes harsh and dry this may cause the problem of cold. That is the reason you can use air humidifier to make your nasal moist. Warm water humidifier helps to prevent increasing numbers of bacteria. You can also use vaporizer machine as a purpose of the air humidifier. Humidifier helps to ease your congestion in nose and head.

7. Take Echinacea

Take Echinacea

It has been said that Echinacea is a great for immunity system. It is used for the treatment of disease called cold. Echinacea increase the immunity means that it helps to improve the white blood cells ratio in the body which battles with the bacteria. You reduce the chances of cold by half if you use Echinacea. Echinacea is not use for a purpose which avoids the cold in future but it just reduce the duration of your cold.

8. Honey Onion Syrup

Honey Onion Syrup

Instead of wasting your money in medicine of cold, you have to use the very simple ingredients to reduce the effect of cold. Honey has a antibacterial property which help to get relief from the dry cough specially, and get sooth throat. Sulphur rich onion is very helpful for improving your immunity system. Onion is also antibiotic which battle in front of cough. You can make syrup of the honey and onion to get rid of cold. Take a onion pieces and honey as per your taste. Then pack the jar for the 12 hours. After that mixture you can take as per your cough.

9. Turmeric


Turmeric is a very useful herb which can be beneficial for cold and cough. Turmeric has an antioxidant properties can be very helpful to improve the immunity. If you have already cold then also you can use turmeric as a home remedy for getting relief from the cold. It can also help to get relief from runny and sniffing nose. Turmeric milk is a very beneficial for the cold and cough; best ayurvedic medicine used for the cold disease. So, you can drink turmeric milk during cold.

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