How To Gain Weight Naturally Without Any Side Effects Easy Ways

Some people follow a strict diet to lose a weight and dreams to be a thin. Losing weight is not easy task gaining weight is also not. Person suffers from some problems like down sugar level, hair loss, tiredness because of underweight. Underweight is not good for your health. Reason for underweight may be insufficient amount of food, eating disorders etc. But to naturally reduce or gain weight is very necessary for the health. Gain weight naturally is beneficial rather than gaining by eating junk food. Only one the best way to gain the weight naturally is home remedies. Here we are showing some home remedies for gaining weight naturally.

You don’t need to do exercise for gaining a weight. We just suggest some diets which you can follow for weight gain naturally without any side effects.

Mango is rich source of calory; if you eat medium size of two mangoes per day then you will get 300 calories. You start eating food which gives you a more calorie than the limited amount then it will help to gain weight. Mango comprises the carbohydrates, sugar help to build muscles. Milk is a rich source of protein increases the fat in the body. Delicious taste helps you to gain weight, juice of mango and milk.

2. Awesome Avocado

Awesome Avocado

Rich source of calories, fat, fiber avocado is helpful to gain weight. Because avocado consists of high calories which help you a lot to gain weight naturally. Not only helps to gain weight but avocado is packed with lots of energy. Add the avocado in your daily diet helps you a lot to gain weight naturally because it consists of lots of calories. Large avocado has near about 365 calories, so it feels your stomach. Rather than eating junk food and gain extra unnecessary fat avocado is good fruit help you to gain weight naturally.

3. Butter or Ghee

Butter or Ghee

Butter is enriched with fat and calories, so it is helpful to you to gain weight. Butter or ghee is used in Indian cuisine like on roti, dal, sabji etc. Excessive amount of butter or ghee will direct you to blockage of vessel. You have to add limited amount of butter or ghee as it can absorb so many vitamins and minerals. Butter is very useful as a lubricant of organs like stiffed joints and strengthens the muscles. Butter has an antioxidant property helps you to give a glowing skin as well.

4. Cheesy Cheese

Cheesy Cheese

In the young generation everyone’s favourite food is cheese. Cheese is a abundant source of protein, fat, calcium. Yummy taste of cheese is helpful to gain weight easily. Cheese gives extra calories to your body and makes you to be fatty. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also be removed by consuming delicious cheese in your diet. It will take a lot of time to digest so it will help you to gain the weight. You can add the cheese in your foods like sandwich, paratha.

5. Clarified Butter And Sugar

Clarified Butter And Sugar

Clarified butter is a ghee consists of lot of fat healthy for body if it is eaten in proper amount. Clarified butter is enriched with a good source of protein. Clarified butter is consists of vitamin A, D, E and K and rich source of antioxidants and increases the immunity system. Clarified butter one tablespoon and sugar one tablespoon added and mixed it well. Start taking this mixture in the early morning before your breakfast daily on an empty stomach. You can make a sweet of clarified butter and sugar if you annoyed with only sugar and clarified butter.

6. Dry Dates And Milk

Dry Dates And Milk

Dates are rich source of minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium. Dates consist of vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, protein, fiber. Dates also contain fibers so it is helpful for digestion system. Dates are rich source of sugar also increase sugar level and give a more calories for underweight person. Milk with dates improves your immunity power to protect from the diseases helps you to be healthy. Milk is rich source of calcium, protein helps to gain weight. For gaining weight you have to start drinking milk with dry dates. You can see the result near the one month.

7. Fruits


Different types of fruits are rich source of vitamins and minerals. Ripe Fruits like banana, mango, kiwi, pineapple consist of glucose means sugar helps to gain weight. Eating fruits daily is not damage to your health unless you are suffering from diabetes. Not only for weight gain purpose, but you can eat fruits daily for good and better health. You can consume the juice of fruits but don’t add some extra sugar in it to make it sweeten. Fruits are source of sugar so you can avoid to taking extra sugar.

8. Add Peanut Butter To Your Daily Breakfast

Add Peanut Butter To Your Daily Breakfast

Everyone knows that peanut is used in fast as a diet so, it contains more calories. You like the taste of peanut then you can use it in its row form also. It is not necessary to eat peanut butter only to gain a weight. Peanut butter can be applied on the bread and eat this type of breakfast daily to increase the weight.

9. Red Meat

Red Meat

Red Meat is a full source of protein, fat, iron and cholesterol. Red meat is also high source of iron. you can make a red meat as you like to eat. You can just add little beat oil to cook it, but be careful that high amount of fat is dangerous for health as Red meat already consists of fat in it. So, just toast the red meat in the oven by adding little oil is the best way to stay away from unnecessary extra fat and beneficial for the weight gain.

10. Replace Morning/Evening Tea with Banana Shake

Banana Shake

Banana is a generally known to gain weight and be healthy by everyday consumption of it. Banana is a adequate source of calcium and protein and contains more amount of sugar. Banana gives instant strength that is the reason that banana is only fruit is choose after exercise. You can make a shake of banana by adding milk in it, gives the sweet taste. Replace your morning and evening tea with this shake will be very helpful to gain a weight.

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