10 Healthy Foods To Eat Everyday To Lose Weight

You may choosy about your food, what to eat and what not. But as far as health is concern you have to take a food which is beneficial for your health and consumption of that food daily provide all the required nutrition to your body. Deficiency of any nutrition give invitation to diseases which suffers you a lot. Consumption of that type of food keeps you healthy. So, you have to start eating that type of food daily.

As you know people like to eat food which is good in taste only but it may harmful to your health sometimes. So, always eat a food which makes you energized and keeps you a healthy. Here are the list of foods you have to add in your diet to be healthy all time.

2. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts is a rich source of selenium in our body. Selenium in our body cannot generate by its own we have to give it to our body by proper food. Selenium helps to generate vitamin E. It also helps to fight in front of cold, flu as it contains plethora of nutrients. Copper inside the brazil nuts helps to improve the formation of the bone and strengthen the bone.

Thiamin in nuts is necessary to stay away from problems like stress, memory loss, Alzheimer, anxiety.It also improves the sperm production in male. When it comes a problem like inflammation brazil nuts helps a lot because of its selenium content.

3. Beans


Beans contains fiber, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin b etc. First of all, iron is vital nutrient helps to fight from anemia. People suffering from the iron deficiency have to start eating beans in their daily diet. Beans are also good source of protein. Zinc in beans helps to improve the eye health. Beans are very heavy diet once you eat it you don’t feel hunger yourself for long time so it helps to maintain energy in your body. Fiber in the beans helps to reduce the cholesterol level so indirectly helpful for the heart.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a plenty of minerals like zinc,fiber, iron, selenium etc. Cocoa helps in the nervous system related disease like Alzheimer. To keep functioning of brain it is very necessary to regulate blood flow as brain need more energy for working well. Chocolate is not necessary to consumes it daily. But if you will eat it once a week then it is beneficial for your health.

Cocoa helps to reduce heart related diseaseand helps to stay away from stroke. flavanol is a component present in dark chocolate very helpful to prevent damage of skin from the sun, improve the blood flow in the skin. High flavanol is also helps to improve the brain function.

5. Raisins


Raisins are made from grapes by drying it. Raisins contains minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins C, K, and B-6. Presence of Potassium helps in regulating blood flow from the vessels which indirectly helps to reduce the high blood pressure and hypertension. Growing age can generate problems in eyes also where polyphenolic phytonutrients in raisins is good for eye health and arthritis also. It is a good source of iron also so you can get rid of insomnia. Glucose and fructose helps in weight gain. Fiber helps to fight from the constipation.

6. Avocado


It is a high source of potassium vital for bone health. So, eating avocado helps to strengthen your bone. Due to the growing age vision problem like macular degeneration can be avoided by eating the avocado as it contains the beta carotene inside it. As high fiber content in avocado it is beneficial for the weight reduction process by consuming it on daily basis. Like potassium avocado is also full of fiber that helps in running the digestion function very properly. It is also helps for skin health makes the skin healthy and nourished. It is good medicine to fight from the arthritis.

7. Eggs


Egg is known as a high source of protein which is very helpful in strong muscles building. Vitamin A is also high in eggs which helps in eye related problem like blindness. As egg contains all the vitamins and minerals need for human body it is a rich source of energy also. Keeps immunity system healthy as the availability of vitamin B-12 and A.

Those who are suffering from deficiency of vitamin B-12 have to start eating it. Vitamin D is not generated in our body naturally we can get it from sun or from supplements. Very less food contains the vitamin D. Egg is in the top list of all the foods which contains vitamin D good for the bone health.

8. Broccoli


As new generation is working in front of screen and mobile phones whose radiation is harmful for health. Broccoli helps to repair damage from this type of radiation as it contains the beta carotene, vitamin A, phosphorous, vitamin C and E. In maculardegeneration, eye cataract broccoli will help.

Vitamin c presents in broccoli is good for teeth and antiaging agent. Amount of fiber presents in broccoli will help for proper digestion get rid of constipation and fight from disease like heart disease, stroke, hypertension. Potassium is related to bone health; one cup of broccoli provides the 100% of the need of body so stay away from fracture.

9. Pomegranate


Pomegranate is rich source of vitamin C and E. They are helpful to fight against the oral bacteria and keeps teeth stronger. It helps to prevent the cell growth of cancer like prostate cancer in men.Pomegranate helps to improve your immunity system because it is antibacterial. It has antioxidant property helps to protect from the cell damage. That antioxidant is very beneficial to protect from the Alzheimer. For the patient of high blood pressure, it is a good medicine. Drink juice of pomegranate will reduce the chances of stroke and attacks.

10. Blueberry


As antioxidant plays a vital role in the disease like radical damage, and aging process. Blueberry is number one fruit among the all the fruits which contains the high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants willhelp to improve the brain functioning in the human body. Rich in fiber and simultaneously low in calories the blueberry helps to weight loss. Because consumption of blueberry provides 14% of fiber of the whole day needs so you don’t feel hungry. Blueberry also sharps your memory power and keeps your brain active.

1. Yogurt


Rich source of protein yogurt comprises so many other vitamins like vitamin b12, calcium, Phosphorus. Probiotics or active bacteria is existing in the yogurt which highly helps to improve the digestion power as well as removing constipation, diarrhea, gastric problems.

Proper amount of yogurt helps to lose your waistline and weight both because it contains omega 3 fatty acid. Presence of probiotics is responsible for improving the immunity system. As many women are suffering from vaginitis infection for them yogurt is like a herb helps to reduce the infection.

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