Information Of The Special Frontier Force (SFF) Of India

SFF is stands for the Special Frontier Force as well as Special Frontier Force is founded on the 14 November, 1962 in the India country and also Special Frontier Force is a paramilitary, special force of India. Special Frontier Force (SFF) is a Part of the R&AW. So, that article is all about the information of the Indian Special Frontier Force (SFF).

Headquarters of the SFF (Special Frontier Force) is located at the Chakrata, Uttarakhand, India as well as Special Frontier Force is also known as an Establishment 22 and also as just 22 because of during the second world war SFF (Special Frontier Force) commanded the 22nd Mountain Division by the first Inspector General Maj. Gen. Sujan Singh Uban and that major is a Military Cross holder and he is also a legendary figure in the British Indian Army.

After during the Second World War Long Range Desert Group Squadron (LRDS) in North Africa is commanded by Sujan Singh Uban. Role of the SFF (Special Frontier Force) is Special reconnaissance as well as Direct action, Hostage rescue, Counter-terrorism, Unconventional warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Covert Operations or size of the SFF (Special Frontier Force) is 10,000 active personnel.

Special Frontier Force (SFF) is raised with covert operations in the mind as well as along the Indo China border and also SFF (Special Frontier Force) is fielded by R&AW. Special Frontier Force (SFF) is made its home at Chakrata and that is 100 km from the DehraDun city as well as the Chakrata is home of the Tibetan refugee population and also that was mountain town in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Special Frontier Force (SFF) is starting with 12, 000 men and also the Special Frontier Force commenced six months of the training and that training is based on the rock climbing and also guerrilla warfare or for the raising the Special Frontier Force the Intelligence agencies from India and also the US is helped and namely the CIA and RAW. Weapons for the Special Frontier Force (SFF) are distributed by the US and that consisted mainly of M-1, M-2 and M-3 machine guns but Heavy weapons are not provided by them.

When Modern Indian army is as long as existed at that time Tibetans is a part and parcel of that army as well as of Tibetans the Independent formations and units were to patrol and also police lands they were native to. During the time of Great Game employ Tibetans as spies is began by the British Indian Army as well as by intelligence agents and also after that covert militia in northern India and Tibet proper.

Special Frontier Force (SFF) is done many operations like China, Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 or also performs some internal operations. During the Indo-Pakistan Military Conflict of the 1971, Special Frontier Force (SFF) is extremely successful against the Pakistan.

American Central Intelligence Agency and also Indian Intelligence Bureau is established the Mustang Base in the Mustang in Nepal during the 1950 and also they train Tibetans in the guerilla warfare or the Mustang rebels brought during the 1959 Tibetan Rebellion 14th Dalai Lama to India.

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