The Scientific Reason Why The Sky Is Blue

Every day, we see the color blue in our distant sky. Yet the true reason for this color is not what we might think. Find out here why the sky is blue, and how you can view it to better understand its mystery!

The Function of the Sky

The sky has a number of functions. First, it is an effective insulator so that the Earth's surface doesn't get too hot or cold. Second, it gives the Earth's atmosphere protection from the sun's rays and space. And third, with the sky being blue, we can see objects more easily because there is less light scattering in the air.

Why is the Sky Blue

We wonder why the sky is blue, and if there's a scientific answer. There are many reasons for the color of the sky to be blue. Blue light can actually travel over long distances in the atmosphere. This means that a bright blue object is visible from very far away. Smaller particles scatter sunlight as it travels through the air (Earth's atmosphere), creating all sorts of different colors. The sun also emits its own light when it's high in the sky, This is why we see a blue sky most of the time.

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