Who Are The Richest Families In America ?

Today we have to talk about Top Richest Families in America. Many families of this modern era of America receive unprecedented wealth through their businesses like the Rockefellers, the Mellons and the Kennedys. Many families are still working to increase their fortunes while many others enjoy their wealth, they have inherited from the ancestors of their ancestors. So let's get a little more information about Top Richest Families in America.

This family is most often regarded as the richest family in the world because they have been ranked at the top in the list of Forbes in recent years. The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart’s founder, Sam Walton, was primarily owned by the family. Walton family works around the world, with 55 different names such as United Kingdom and Seiyu in Japan. All the Wal-Mart family members of Wal-Mart jointly own 50% of the $ 152 billion. Three of the live members of the Walton family, Rob, Jim and Alice have been consistently ranked the Forbes 400 of the top ten since 2001. According to the Forbes 400, Jim's property alone is $ 34.7 billion.

2. Du Pont family

Du Pont family

The family's wealth has been more than 200 years old and is divided into approximately 3,500 family members. DuPont started as a gunpowder manufacturer, which later expanded in dynamite, paint, plastic, color and material. Its scientists have discovered the nylon, Kevlar and Teflon. Family members of the Du Pont family no longer run the company, which has evolved into a wide variety of chemicals, but still have a significant share of its share. This family has $ 14.3 billion worth of wealth.

3. Ziff family

Ziff family

2014 in the US After shattering hedge funds in London, the third generation Ziff brothers - Daniel, Robert and Dirk have gone their own ways. While still using high profile professor Ziff Brothers Investment to manage their investment segment, this wealth started from 1927 when his grandfather William Ziff Sr. for the first time its publication began his father William Ziff Jr. The magazine publisher Ziff Davis has built. Ziff family has a wealth of $ 14.4 billion.

4. Busch family

Busch family

The family behind Budweiser beer sold business in 2008.While the group of Brazilian and Belgian investors made InBev's take a takeover of Anheuser-Busch. A branch of the Busch family comes back to Beer's business, even though it is a very small scale. Billy Busch founded William K Busch Brewing in 2011, which includes two lagers, Kraftig and Kraftig Light. The Busch family has a wealth of $ 13.4 billion.

5. Cargill family

Cargill family

The family inherited their wealth from William W. Cargill, founder of Cargill Inc., with revenue of $ 137.7 billion and $ 2.31 billion, the company is now the largest privately owned corporation in the United States. Cargill Inc. One of the biggest companies of agricultural commodities is they are primarily known as main traders of cereals and edible oils. The Cargill family now has a 90% share of Cargill Inc. because this company is a privately owned company. In recent years, these family members jointly own $ 43 billion worth of wealth according to Forbes.

6. Cox family

Cox family

Cox Communications broadcaster James M. The family inherited their wealth. James M. Cox was a Democrat in the 46th and 48th of Ohio, and a Democratic candidate for the presidential election of 1920.Cox Communications has now become the seventh largest telephone carrier in the US with 6.2 million customers, of which 2.9 million are included. This company is currently managed by Anne Cox Chambers and James C. Kennedy, and is estimated to be $ 15.3 billion annually. Cox's family members jointly own $ 32 billion.

7. Duncan family

Duncan family

The family has acquired their wealth from the founders of enterprise products, mainly by Dan Duncan. This company is one of the world's largest natural gas and crude oil pipeline companies. According to Forbes Magazine, Dan Duncan Houston was the richest person in the city, and in 2007, Texas's third richest person Scott Duncan is also America's smallest billionaire. Four members of the Duncan family jointly own $ 25.4 billion.

8. Goldman family

Goldman family

America's richest real estate family is a low-profile family. Solil Management of this lineage has at least 400 properties in New York City, with retail and office space in Madison, with Midtown Avenue, which boasts 17% of the high-end coops on the Upper East Side and the World Trade Center development in Lower Manhattan. The company's leadership and managed by Jen Goldman, the Goldman family has a wealth of $ 13.7 billion.

9. Hearst family

Hearst family

The family inherited her wealth from most of William Randolph Hearst, Hearst Corporation's founder of the largest multinational mass group. This corporation is the world's largest diversified communication house. This family is a sub-group, Hearst Television, U.S. 18% of viewers operate 29 television stations, including A + E networks and ESPN while entertaining. The five members of the Hearst family jointly own $ 35 billion.

10. Hunt family

Hunt family

This family fortune started with wildcatter H.L. Hunt started with J.R. on the long-term TV series "Dallas" Ewing is the inspiration of the character. Today its heirs supervise countless fate. Son Ray Lee Hunt oversees oil and William Herbert Hunt is behind oil and gas company Petro-Hunt. The Hunt family has $ 13.7 billion worth of wealth.

11. Johnson family

Johnson family

This family is inherited from Edward Crosby, "Ned" Johnson, Fidelity Investments and Founder of Fidelity Worldwide Investment and current owner. Forbes is considered to be the 43th richest person in America. His daughter, Abigail Johnson, is a 29th position holder of current Forbes 400 with a 24% share in Fidelity and $ 10.3 billion worth of assets. Johnson's family members have a combined fortune of $ 39 billion.

12. Koch family

Koch family

This family inherits their wealth from the founder of Koch Industries, Fred C Coach. Koch started developing his wealth and established this oil refinery company after inventing a method of turning heavy oil into gasoline. According to Forbes, these industries are the second largest privately owned company in the United States. Recent members of the Koch family, Charles G. Koch and David H Koch shares 42% of Koch Industries at a cost of $ 40 billion. According to Forbes, the total family wealth of the Koch family is $ 89 billion.

13. Mars family

Mars family

According to Forbes, this family has inherited their wealth from real life, with the sale of Willy Wonka, Frank C. Mars, and confectionery Giant Mars Inc., with its $ 30 billion annual sale in 2012, Mars became the third largest privately owned company in the United States. Mars is still owned by this family, which has no public share. The world's most famous energy bar, Snickers and the best-selling dog-food, Pedigree, are both products of the Mars family. The Mars family was named as the richest family in America by the name of Fortune magazine in 1988. All members of the Mars family jointly own $ 60 billion in wealth.

14. Pritzker family

Pritzker family

The family gained their wealth from Jay Pritzker, founder of Hyatt Hotel chain. He created a portfolio of 60 diverse industrial corporations with his brother Robert Pritzker, which includes existing and various industrial service companies. Pritzker's family now owns Marmon Group, the Superior Bank of Chicago, the TransUnion credit bureau and the Royal Caribbean cruise line owner is there. This family is considered to be one of the richest families in the United States. Pritzker family members have a combined fortune of $ 29 billion.

15. S.C. Johnson family

S.C. Johnson family

This family inherited his wealth from Samuel Curtis Johnson, Founder of Johnson Family Enterprises. Its principal component, SC Johnson & Son, is a privately owned global manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and consumer chemicals. The company is mainly operated in 72 countries, but their products are sold in more than 110 countries and its estimated annual sale is $ 7.5 billion. The company has achieved a full 100% rating on the Human Rights campaign. Johnson's family has wealth worth $ 25.5 billion.

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