Rafale (India) vs F 16 Fighter (Pakistan) Jet Comparison

Today we have talked about Rafale (India) vs F 16 Fighter (Pakistan) and we also see about length, height, and range, and maximum speed, internal or external fuel. So let's find out a little more about Rafale (India) vs F 16 Fighter (Pakistan).

Rafale jet is a twin - jet fighter aircraft which is able to operate from both an aircraft carrier and a shore base is manufactured by Dussault Aviation.

The length of Rafale is 15.30 m and wingspan of Rafale is 10.90 m. The height of Rafale is 5.30 m and the range of Rafale is 3.700 Km. The maximum speed of Rafale is 2130 kilometres per.The service of ceiling of Rafale is 50,000 ft and the rate of climb of Rafale is 18,288 meters/m. The empty weight of Rafale is 10 ton. Maximum take off weight of Rafale is 24.5 ton. Internal fuel of Rafale is 4.7 and external fuel of Rafale is 6.7 ton.

In the Rafale the MICA air to air missiles and the hammer modular, rocket – boosted air to ground precision guided weapon series. It contains laser guided bombs and SCALPA long range stand off missile and GIAT 20 internal canon, the AM39 EXOCET anti ship missiles, METEOR long range air to air missiles.

The Rafale is purchase at € 7.8 billion by defence ministry of India from France's Dassault Aviation. The Rafale deal lies in the Indian MRCA competition on the day of 31 in January 2012, the India ministry of defence announced that Dassault Rafale won the MMRCA competition and supply to the Indian air force with 126 aircraft and in that first 18 aircraft was to be supplied by Dussault Aviation in fly away condition and it was fully built. And remaining 108 aircraft was creating under licence of HAL that is Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

Rafael has multi directional radar which can detect 40 targets at the same time in range of 100 Kilometres per second. In Rafale has a digital camera which take a photo in any high speed and it send a signal while an enemy missile is closed area of the Rafale.



The F – 16 fighting Falcon is a fourth generation single engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft is manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

The length of F-16 is 15.06 m and wingspan of an F-16 is 9.96 m. The height of F-16 is 4.88 m and the range of F-16 is 4.220 Km. The maximum speed of F-16 is 2414 kilometres per hour. The service of ceiling of F-16 is 50,000 ft and the rate of climb of F-16 is 15,240 meters/m. The empty weight of F-16 is 9.2 ton. Maximum take-off weight of F-16 is 22.7 ton. Internal fuel of F-16 is 3.1 ton and external fuel of F-16 is 1.38 ton.

In F-16 AIM – 9 sidewinder short range air to air missiles and AIM – 120 AMRAAM medium range air to air missiles. It contains penguin anti – ship missiles, runway denial bombs, cluster bombs, GPS – guided bombs and conventional drop bombs including nuclear bombs, AGM 65 maverick air to ground missiles, internal 20 mm M61A1 vulcan cannon.

The F-16 fighter is a single engine aircraft for the United States Air Force, designed as an air day fighter. F-16 jet fighter was built under an unusual agreement creating a consortium between the United States and four NATO countries. The F-16 is capabilities in many ways leave much to be desired. The F-16 to impart considerably more energy onto missiles it fires than its French counterparts.

F-16 can fly to enter air combat, stay there and fight and then return, it can locate and target in all weather conditions. The design of the F-16 is advanced aerospace science and reliable system that combined to simplify the airplane and reduce its size, the pilot vision both forward and upward to use of cockpit and its bubble canopy.

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