Planet KELT-9b (The Hottest Gas Known As The gaint Exoplanet)

Today we have to talk about the planet KELT-9b. The KELT-9b is the hottest gas known as the giant exoplanet, which is 4,050 and 4,600 the day's temperature, which makes M-type stars warmer than many types and stars. KELT-9 is the longest-ever B-type flagship series starring 620 light-years from Earth. So let's get some information about KELT-9b.

The KELT-9b is discovered in 2016. The temperature of this planet is 4050 ± 180 K. The orbital period of KELT-9b is 36 hours. KELT-9b was detected using the Kilo degree Little Telescope and its unusual nature results It was published in 2017. The planet has been known to have a large amount of hydrogen environments. And the size of the atmosphere is closer to the planet's rock-lobe, which suggests that the atmosphere of this planet survives at a higher mass loss rate. When KELT-9b was being transitioned against its host star, Balmer Hα line was discovered by detecting the absorption.

KELT-9b the atmosphere of the planet is so hot that the invisible elements that are usually shared on atoms exist as nuclear species, including neutral and single ionized molecule iron and single ionized titanium. Astronomers of this planet are still surprised by the research that metals in their atmosphere are iron and titanium.

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