Pepper The Humanoid Robot

Here we have been talking about a pepper robot in the world of robot. And the uses and theories we know more. In this article we learn more about Pepper Robot.

Pepper Robot is a semi-humanoid manufactured by Softbank Robotics, powered by the Puppet Robot Softbank. Which are built with the ability to read. Pepper Robot was introduced in the conference on June 5, 2014. Pepper Robot can recognize this man's gesture and also have the ability to analyze voice tones.

Professional Pepper Robot is used as an office and receptionist, and Pepper can identify visitors, send warnings to meet the organizers, and arrange water, and Pepper Robot can also communicate with customers. Pepper has been used in banks and medical facilities. The purpose of the Pepper Robot is to improve people's lives, to simplify alliances, to enjoy fun with people and to connect with people outside the world.

Pepper Robot is a kind of humanoid robot designed with the joint effort of the French robotics company Ederbarn and Softbank mobile.

The Pepper Robot's head has four microphones, two-dimensional camera used in one mouth and forehead and 3-in-depth depth center behind the eyes. There are gyroscopes in the head and in the forearm with torso and touch sensors. There are six lasers and three bumper sensors and gyroscopes in two sonar in the Pepper Robot Mobile Base.

Pepper Robot is a robot designed for people. And to connect the robot with them, Pepper Robot is a friendly and attractive robot. Pepper Robot lets the planets and people to attract and accelerate realistic spirit. Pepper can answer customers and also promote your new product, and customers have more information about it. Helps make repetitive tasks more effective by administering them.

Robotics is the fastest developed and pepper humanoid robot used in today's education and research, and is an ideal platform for learning disciplines, such as science, technology and engineering at all levels. Pepper Robot is being used by instructors and researchers with the main technical and professional success in programming and in-house researchers. The main purpose of Pepper Robot was to contact human beings as natural and intuitive as possible. By detecting the 3-D and 2-HD camera in the Pepper Robot, it can identify movements, and experience the feeling on their face. After the Pepper Robot is connected to the Internet, it is able to find weather forecasts and recipes.

In Japan, there are more than 140 Softbank mobile stores that use Pepper Robot to welcome their customers. Pepper Robot is the first humanoid robot adopted by families. Pepper can not only feel your voice but also your touch.

Pepper has a 4-foot depth with a width of 4 feet and a depth of 17 degrees. Pepper's weight is about 28 kg and it has a strong lithium-ion battery with a very capable capacity and can run continuously in the shop for about 12 hours. The Pepper Robot Chest has a huge display , display of 10.1 on the chest and it runs faster than 3 km per hour. The Pepper Robot has 4 microphones, 3 touch sensors and 1 3D sensor in the torso.

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