How Nowruz Actually Started and Why It Is Celebrated

Nowruz is the Iranian New Year, and it has been celebrated in various ways for many years. Find out in this article how Nowruz actually started and why it is celebrated by both Iranians and people all around the world.

How Nowruz Actually Started

Nowruz, which means "New Day" in Farsi, is the first day of spring in Iran. It is celebrated on the vernal equinox. It originated from Zoroastrianism and it's a day of renewal, rebirth, and hope. It marks the beginning of a new calendar year for most people. It was originally celebrated by the ancient Persians as a New Year's celebration to welcome spring and the coming of light.

The History Of Nowruz

Nowruz, which is celebrated around the world on the spring equinox, marks the beginning of a new year according to the Iranian calendar. According to one legend, nowruz also marked the day that Zoroaster came down from heaven with a message of equality and brotherhood for humanity. When he arrived in ancient Persia, he found that humans were celebrating a festival called Nowruz by placing their hope in fire and light. This was not Zoroaster's message.

He felt betrayed because his teachings were going unheard and so he created his own new festival based on his values. The celebration began with a prayer in fire while further prayers were held until they were eaten by flames.

Celebrating Nowruz

Nowruz starts on the first day of spring, when the daylight hours noticeably increase for most of the world. The exact date and time of Nowruz vary depending on the solar cycle. It is celebrated across Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and other places in Western Asia as a holiday to mark spring and new beginnings.

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