Names of Animals, Male, Female & Baby and Groups

What is the name of your favorite baby animal? Cub, kitten, pup, calf, or chick, ZooBorns has the most comprehensive list of baby animal names available, which we regularly update. Find out what the name of almost every juvenile animal is. Enjoy!

Animal Names for Male, Female & Baby! What are the English names for baby animals and their parents? Learn the names of these young, male, and female animals to expand your English vocabulary.

Male, Female, Baby, and Animal Group Names Are All Included in This List.

Animal Male Female Baby Group of Animals
Sheep Ram Ewe Lamb Flock
Shark Bull Female Pup School
Rabbit Buck Doe Kit / Bunny Colony
Pheasant Cock Hen Chic Brood
Pigeon Cock Hen Squab Flight
Pig Boar Sow Suckling/Piglet Herd/Flock
Monkey Male Female Infant Troop
Louse Male Female Nymph Colony
Lion Lion Lioness Cub Pride
Leopard Leopard Leopardess Cub Leap/Lepe
Kangaroo Buck Doe Joey Moop/Troop
Turtle Male Female Hatchling Bale/Dule
Turkey Tom Hen Poult Flock/Rafter
Tiger Tiger Tigress Cub/Whelp Streak
Swan Cob Pen Signet Bevy
Sparrow Cock Hen Chick Flock
Giraffe Bull Cow Calf Herd/Tower
Grasshopper Male Female Nymph Swarm
Gorilla Male Female Infant Band
Goat Billy Nanny Kid Flock/Herd
Fly Male Female Caterpillar / Chrysalis Swarm
Elephant Bull Cow Calf Herd
Hyena Male Female Cub Cackle/Clan
Horse Stallion Mare/Filly Foal String
Hippopotamus Bull Cow Calf Bloat
Hedgehog Boar Soar Piglet/Pup Array
Hare Jack Jill Leveret Down
Chicken Rooster Hen Chick Flock
Crow Male Female Young Murder
Cat Tom Queen Kitten Clutter
Camel Bull Cow Calf Herd
Bear Boar Soar Cup Sleuth
Bat Male Female Pup Colony
Duck Drake Duck Duckling Flock
Dove Cock Hen Squab Cote
Dolphin Bull Cow Pup/calf Herd
Dog Dog Bitch Puppy Pack
Deer Stag Doe Fawn Herd
Whale Bull Cow Calf School
Walrus Bull Cow Cub/Pup Herd/Pod
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