The Most Expensive Animals In The World List

The most trusted source to explode bubble of the stress is a "pet" and no matter the pet is a cat, dog, horse or any other animals so when we have a pet that is always a lifesaver as well as when we are true pet lover then the expense of animals is no matter. Peoples are love animals like cats, dogs, horses, birds, and insects and so on so, here we are describing a list of the most expensive animals.

The Green Monkey is a American thoroughbred racehorse as well as price of the Green Monkey is $16,000,000 according to 2018 and this is highest price ever paid at auction for thoroughbred and the sex of the green monkey is stallion or the country of that horse is United State and also the color of the Green Monkey horse is Bay. When the first time the Green Monkey is raced then he run eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds according to report of the CNBC and now the Green Monkey is super fast.

2. Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

Estimated worth of the Arabian horse is up to $100,000 as well as the Arabian horse is class apart and Arabian horse is also royal among horses and the Arabian horse contains perfect athletic body as well as high tail, chiseled neck and a beautifully arched back and those things make him stand out among other horses.

3. Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Estimate cost of the Ayam Cemani Chicken is $2,500 as well as the meaning of the Ayam Cemani Chicken is Ayam means chicken in the Indonesian as well as Cemani is a village on island of the java and in that place this breed of the chicken is originated as well as the Skin color of the Ayam Cemani is Black and also the egg color is Tinted / light brown.

4. Chimpanzees


Chimpanzees are also known as robust chimpanzee or simply chimp and also common chimpanzee as well as estimate cost upward of the Chimpanzees is $60,000. Kingdom of the Chimpanzees is Animalia as well as the Phylum of the Chimpanzees is Chordata and the class of Chimpanzees is Mammalia or family is Hominidae.

5. De Brazza's Monkey

De Brazzas Monkey

Estimate cost of the De Brazza's Monkey is $10,000 as well as the De Brazza's monkey is Old World monkey and that is endemic to wetlands of the central Africa and also De Brazza's Monkey is one of the most widespread African primates and that monkey is live in forests as well as family of the De Brazza's Monkey is Cercopithecidae.

6. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Estimated cost of the Hyacinth Macaw is $40,000 as well as Hyacinth Macaw is jet blue parrot and Hyacinth Macaw is from central and eastern South America. Hyacinth Macaw is also called Blue Macaw as well as Hyacinth Macaw parrot is longer than any other species of the parrot and Kingdom of the Hyacinth Macaw is Animalia.

7. Lavender Albino Ball Python

Lavender Albino Ball Python

Estimated worth of the Lavender Albino Ball Python is up to $40,000 as well as like the white lions the Lavender albinos Ball python are a product of the recessive genes and the most attractive thing of the Lavender Albino Ball Python is their yellow markings and red eyes and that things makes them most beautiful snakes. Lavender Albino Ball Python is might look scary but they are perfect as a pet.

8. Miss Missy

Miss Missy

Estimated worth of the Miss Missy according to 2009 is up to $1,200,000 and the Miss Missy is a Holstein cow and that price making Miss Missy to most expensive cow over the world at that time and sex of the Miss Missy cow is female and the Miss Missy cow is from Canada nation and the Miss Missy cow is also known as a most expensive cow. Miss Missy cow got some titles like Supreme Grand Champion of all Breeds at 2011.

9. Palm Cockatoo

Palm Cockatoo

Estimated worth of the Palm Cockatoo is up to $16,000 as well as Palm Cockatoo is also known as Goliath Cockatoo and the Goliath Cockatoo bird is known for the beautiful crest as well as for its long beak and also for its red cheek patch or that changes color when the bird gets excited or the palm cockatoo bird make exotic pets for many famous people.

10. Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

Estimated worth of the Savannah Cat is up to $12,000 as well as Savannah Cat is a hybrid between the serval and the domestic cat and also that cats are majestic creatures and the Savannah Cat contains features like tall, slender, dainty bodies and also they are unlike the other cats but Savannah Cat is friendlier or also playful and surprisingly and main thing is that they love playing in water.

11. Sir Lancelot Encore

Sir Lancelot Encore

Estimated worth of the Sir Lancelot Encore is up to $16,000,000 as well as Sir Lancelot Encore is world 's first cloned dog.

12. Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle

Estimated worth of the Stag Beetle is up to $89,000 as well as Stag Beetle is group of the 1,200 species of beetles and in the family Lucanidae. Stag Beetle is now classified in four subfamilies or the Kingdom of the Stag Beetle is Animalia or the class of the Stag Beetle is Insecta. Lifespan of the Stag Beetle is approximately 7 years.

13. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is the world's largest dog as well as an Estimated worth of the Tibetan Mastiff is up to $582,000 and the Tibetan Mastiff dog looks like ferocious lion's dog version or last rare Tibetan Mastiff is sold for a whopping $1.5 million in 2011. Tibetan Mastiff dogs are originally guard dogs as well as also trained to protect livestock.

14. Toucan


Estimate cost of the Toucan is $10,000 a well as Toucan is members of Neotropical near passerine and the bird family of Toucan is Ramphastidae or class of the Toucan is Aves or the Ramphastidae are closely related to American barbets. Toucans are brightly marked and also have a large, often-colorful bills as well as Toucan makes their nests in tree hollows.

15. White Lion Cubs

White Lion Cubs

Estimated worth the White Lion Cubs is up to $140, 000 as well as the White Lion Cubs breed is first of all spotted in 1938 or they were rare back then and the color mutation is first of all seen among the lions of Timbavati area and that is responsible for white fur and also the light eyes of these animals. The most of the people believe that recessive genes in both parents are responsible for pristine white color of the cubs.

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