Most Beautiful Pakistani Women

Pakistan has beautiful women from many worlds. Pakistani women are considered to be the best-looking women. Beauty is similar in India and Pakistan. So today we talk about Pakistan's top 15 most beautiful women.

Ayeza Khan is a famous actress and model of Pakistan. She started modeling and acting career at the age of 16. She is a very attractive actress. He worked in various plays such as Jab Wei Buj and Maine Kundu Oro. She started her career as a non-resident at the age of 18. She made her first appearance in romance Tum Jo Mil, which was broadcast on Hum TV. After playing an instrumental role in many TV shows, Geo TV romantic drama Tri Five played the leading actress in the show. His extensive all-romance Tucson Pia gained recognition. She received the Lux Styles award in 2014. The actress married in Danish in 2014 with an eight-year-old daughter Tamim. She gave a daughter in 2015 and a son in 2017.

2. Ayesha Omer

Ayesha omer

Ayesha Omar is a Pakistani talented actress. She is one of the most beautiful models and singers. She has worked in many Pakistani TV shows. She has worked in many Urdu language films. She was born in Lahore. She is known as Elena in the love parapat. She is also a painter. She has also played the role of Khoobsurat in Bulbul. She is known as Pakistan's most popular and gambling actress. She earns more than all the Pakistani actresses. In recent years, it is considered as a style icon in Pakistan. She won the Lux Styles award for her album Omere Best. She played a major role in the romantic-comedy A Lahore in 2015. She participated in the New York Fashion Week as a Pakistan spokesman in 2015.

3. Humaima Malick

humaima malick

Humaima is a Pakistani model and actress. She has worked in many shows and in Bollywood films. She started a TV with a 29-year-old beautiful girl in 20008, with a show called Mili Ali Ko Mili. She played Miley's Meylin character. After that she constantly worked at the tv show. She released her big screen as Zenab with the film ball in 2011. She has currently worked on a Pakistani film named Arthur 2, which has since been released in 2017. She was born in Kowitt, Pakistan, to Balochistan. She is a brother and a daughter .The name of Firoz Khan and sister is Dua Malik. Sohail Haider is also a brother of his singer. He started his model career at the age of 14. She went on the first ramp at the age of 14, followed by a number of ramp walk work. She signed contracts of three films with Vinod Chopra.

4. Mahnoor Baloch

mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch is Karachi-born model and actress. She started acting in the 1993 Nargi serial. She was also one of the beautiful women of Pakistani. She is mostly seen in many TV shows, but she also made two films. She made her Pakistani film "Meeh Hain Afidi" and Hollywood "Toner" in 2013. She played Marim in the Hollywood movie of 2013. Her parents were killed in the teenage suburban explosion. After that he did not make any film. Many people can say by seeing her photo that she is the most beautiful Pakistani women. Her son was killed in a blast on Tuesday. She was married at the age of 15. She was given the Lux Styles Award in 2011.

5. Mehreen Syed

mehreen syed

Mehreen syed is one of the very beautiful models of Pakistani. It's a successful business owner. Lux Style became the year's model by awards, fashion magazine was the first Pakistani woman to appear on Alamra. He worked hard for a successful event and started mosselizing at a very young age. She qualifies for the same time as the Time, Vogue, and Mary Claire to come into the international fashion release. The daughter of actress and social activist, Mohite Simi Rachel is the daughter. Actor made with Daniel Rachel model is her brother. She studied at Lahore School and Lahore College of Arts and Sciences. He went to London for his Diploma on Darma, Darma. Her mother started her career as a model at the age of 8. His career started with Ajnabi. After that appeared in half-day and Puri nights. She starred in her role in the play Ashk played in 2013. It is now found in Hulk Sea Khalsa in Hum TV.

6. Mehwish Hayat

mehwish hayat

Mehwish hayat is a singing actress and model. She has acted in many TV shows and movies. She currently works in two shows "Duggy". She has made a Pakistani film, "Punjab", which is not "Nahin Gaan Nagi". She is also a great actress and singer, her best characteristic is her beauty. She has come to the list of the top 15 most beautiful Pakistani women in 2018. She has acted in many films. The name is Rukhsar, a popular TV actress at the age of 80. His elder brother's name is Zisha, and he is a singer and musician. The name of the sister is Anfishhen, she is also a singer, she has many other siblings, and her second elder brother, Danish Haat is a model and actor.

7. Noor Bukhari

noor bukhari

Noor Bukhari is an actress and model of the Pakistani queen. She worked in Punjabi and Urdu films and TV commercials. She is known for her role in Rajjo's role in Ishq Positive films. Acting as a child star in Pakistani films she started her career in the mid-1990s. She made her film debut in the 1992 film Love of Karan and her first Ishkq positive. She married her first husband, Engineer Sahib, in 2008. She went to Lahore five in April and filed for divorce. The fight between her first husband and Nadia Khan was put on Geo TV. Her husband Vikram was non-Muslim. He tried to change it. He married Imran Khan's personal secretary and Chaudhary in 2012. And the marriage with her was her third marriage. She also divorced in June 2015. After divorce with her fourth husband, she decided to leave the showbiz.

8. Sajal Ali

sajal ali

Sajal Ali is a Pakistani well-known actress. In her 2009 comedy drama, Ali played her first role in the of the episode. She got a taste for her breakout role in the family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malankan. She then gained popularity for leading leading roles in many comedy television shows. She won the Lux Styles Award for Best Actress in 2015. Her first feature film and drama Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hema played an important role. She starred in the 2017 Hindi films opposite her Bollywood debut "Sridevi". She also went on to sing a song at Eli O'ReRereza Show. She played Chamee in Hum TV's court drama in 2018. She has a brother and sister. Her sister Sabar Ali is an actress. Her mother had died due to cancer in 2017.

9. Sanam Baloch

sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch was a beautiful Pakistani woman. She was also an attractive actress and a TV presenter. In the morning, the show hosts on Aaravya News. She did her career as a show and an actor in television anon Katie. She has hosted the show, two such as Sanam Small Room and Deepo, on the KTN. She was seen as Nauruan Enemies in the Nurpur Ki Queen. She organized the Monique With Hum Loan Hum morning show. She was married to Abdullah Farhatullah. Her husband also plans a show on the TV shows. She left the yearly news in 2018. Currently it works on sham tv. She received a Pakistan Media Award for Best Actress in 2011. Her elder sister is also an actress, Sabrina Hasebani. She has also met many celebrities who got married on 24th October 2013 with Abdullah.

10. Syra Shehroz

syra shehroz

Syra shehroz is a beautiful Pakistani actress ever. She is well known for her performance in Pakistani shows in my fortune. She did her career as a beginner model. In 2011, by the "Mera luck" show gained fame as a housewife. After that he played many films and shows. She appeared in a show at Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay, with her remake of "Tanahayapan" in a Pakistani show with her father, Shehrooz Sabzevari and Bihoroz Sabzavi. The following year he played Aliina's role in the Damia TV show. Sir currently working with her husband Jhantasha in Express Entertainment in Peshman in the play serial. In 2015, Love made a film in Babelisier with her husband. He was married on October 21, 2012, with Sheroose Subzwari, son of actor Baroose Subzwari.

11. Mahira Khan

mahira khan

Mahira Khan is a more popular Pakistani actress. She is very beautiful. She is currently seen in the "Rais" Bollywood film with Shahrukh Khan. She has had success in the Hummer super hit television show. She has also received many awards. She is the most paid Pakistani actress. She has won three Luck Prizes and five Hum Awards. She was born on December 21, 1984. She appears in many Pakistani films and shows. She won the award for Best Actress nomination in 2011 against her at the beginning of the screen opposite Atif Aslam. She has also received an award for actress at the Satellite Best TV show. She was 16 years old when she made an o-level. She has a younger brother. She married her 2007 assassin. She gave birth to a son, named Azlan. She divorced in 2015.

12. Saba Qamar

saba qamar

saba qamar is one of the most talented and very beautiful Pakistani women. She is a popular actress in films and TV shows. She had a good reputation for comedy show Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain. She has got many bookmakers for her acting role. She was born on April 5, 1984. She won awards such as the Lux Award and Hum Award. She starred in the 2005 TV show Mein Ort Mein. She speaks her name in the first hit of 2010, Dastan Kumar's first breakthrough. She was born in Siddhana Sindhi family of Hyderabad. Her childhood smoked with her grandmother She is settled in Karachi.

13. Sara Loren

sara loren

Sara loren is a hot model and actress. She has worked in Bollywood films. She then named it Good Lauren Mona Lease Hussain. She worked in Murder 3 for the role of a stupid girl. She was born on December 11, 1985. She was working in Hindi and Urdu films. She made her film opposite Himesh Reshammiya in 2010. She was born and raised there. Her father went to Rajasthan to stay in Kuwait after the partition. She is a devoted Rajput of her mother. His family currently lives in Dubai Dubai. She started acting 2003 with Aaranya Digital series Rabia Zinda Rahegi. She also starred against Randeep Hooda and Aditi Rao Hydari. She became part of Pakistani artist performance in the United States and Canada. She appeared on the cover of FHM India.

14. Aima Baig

aima baig

Big is on the top of the list of Pakistani women. She is a singer and writer. She has worked in the world's talk show Mazaaq Nights. She went on to make Kalabaaz Dil Super hit song for her film. She won the success of 'Baazi' and 'Malang' Coke Studios in Pakistan. Was born on 10 March 1995. She is known for her work on Lahore Segai. It was then seen as a co-host from 2015 to 2017. She writes a script for her next film. She is the most beautiful woman in the Pakistan media industry. She is like a cow since her age 7. She is against her family. Her family was against singing. After a lot of hard work it is valid. This led to confidence in singing at college and university. She gained fame through social media. She worked with Pakistani comedians. She is hoping to get one of Ima's super-hot tunes.

15. Ayyan Ali

ayyan ali

Ayyan Ali is a Pakistani woman who stole the name of a beautiful woman. She started modeling in 2010. Shortly after winning the title of Best Female Emerging Model. She has often won a nomination for the Lux Styles Awards. He was arrested on money laundering charges. She is also a singer. She started modeling in 2010 She is publicly known only as "Ayey".She was awarded the Kelvin Clean Beauty of 2010 on Klein Cleaner 2010, after which she became Brand Ambassador. She won the Best Female Model of Pakistan Media Awards in 2012. She euphemized her music video July 2014 on 14 March 2015. She was released from jail on July 16, 2015.

16. Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan is an international model and actress from Pakistan. Khan was born to Pakistani parents on March 30, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. She is the first actress of Pakistan, who went to Cannes in 2013. She has won a Lux Style Award, a Hum Award and a nomination for the Nigar Award.

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