Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Many beautiful species of birds are found on the earth. Birds have their own identity. In this article, we are among the different birds that are very beautiful birds on earth.
Hyacinth Macaw
Bohemian Waxwing
Blue Jay
Atlantic Puffin
Keel-billed Toucan
Scarlet Macaw and more ...

- : Keel-billed Toucan has the most amazing bill. It has a wide and colourful scare, which has a length of 20 cum. Due to such a colourful bill, it is also known as 'rainbow-billed toucan'. Their terrifying colour is a mixture of green, red and yellow colours.

- : Though Keel-billed Toucans heavy appearance, its halo and light are found, it is made up primarily of a protein called keratin, which also uses their beautiful and colourful scare as a protective weapon.

- : Keel-billed Toucans are found mainly in Central and South America. This bird cannot fly upwards because of its heavy wings, so it is also called poor flyers. This bird is a very social bird. They live in holes in the natural or wooden composted trees. Their diet is mainly of insects, lizards and eggs.

2. Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

- : Atlantic Puffin is a small and well-ordered bird in size. They live in northern United States and Eastern Canada. Atlantic Puffin is also known as 'Sea Parrot' because of its penguin-like color. Atlantic Puffin passes most of his life to the sea. Its waterproof feathers keep the body warm during the reflux process.

- : A special feature is found in Atlantic Puffin. Which has the advantage of excellent driving. They can flip the wings 400 times during the minute and fly at speeds of 55 miles an hour.

- : Atlantic Puffin reproduces on the islands of the Atlantic Ocean during the summer and in the spring. They build their beads using feathers and grass. Their beads are found in the valley on the rocks. A female puts only one egg and consume it for 45 days.

- : Puffins leave their nest to search their food after feeding from eggs. Puffins bring small fish into the diet for their cubs. Thus Puffin is an amazing bird in the world besides an intelligent bird.

3. Blue Jay

Blue Jay

- : Blue Jay Bird is one of the world's most beautiful and intelligent birdies. They live in forests of eastern and central North America. Blue Jay is a wonderful blue colour, with a wing of white and black colour. This bird has a special type of quality that can be copied from other species of birds.

- : Blue Jay is also well-known for his intelligence besides his amazing looks. These birds also have expertise in storing other bird beads and eggs. Blue Jay can also copy the speech of human speech and other pets.

- : Blue Jay, also known as a social bird. They make a large community during migration All Blue Jay does not migrate during the winter but live in their natural area.

4. Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing

- : The size of this bird is moderate in which the classic Christ Head and Black Mask are found. Bohemian waxwing colour is brown - grey and wings are white and yellow.

- : Bohemian waxwing bird is found in North America, Eurasia in Canada and Alaska Burial Jungle. In the winter they migrate mostly to the large crowd in north western parts of the United States. Their nest is found most often in the branches of the tree.

- : Male and female Bohemian waxwing are known for their high pitch calls. The appearance of this bird is lovely, so it can be said that Bohemian waxwing is the world's lovely bird.

5. Flamingo


- : Filamingo is the identifiable bird in the world. The colour of the red-purple-like filmingo has a wing. Which is the most famous bird in the bear birds. There are 6 Flamingo species in the world. Filamingo is found on every continent except Antarctica.

- : Adult Filamingo is 5-5 feet in height and weighs 3.6 kg. The bird's neck is long and thin. The feet of this bird are also long.

- : Flamingo's colony is very large. This includes thousands of members. It mainly takes shrimp, plankton and blue-green algae in the diet.

6. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

- : The bird's parrot, with an impressive length of 100cm, is the largest species of all species. Hyacinth Macaw is found in open areas and savanna grasslands in northern Brazil. Over the past few years the population of Hyacinth Macaw has seen a significant decrease. Today the number of Hyacinth Macaws is less than 5000.

- : In addition to his larger size of Hyacinth Macaw , his strike with bright yellow rings surrounding his eyes is known for Cobalt Blue Plumage. Due to this wonderful colour, this bird is also known as 'blue macaw'. The bird also has a beautiful long tail and a strong curved black bill.

- : Excellent pet bird can also be made by applying proper training to Hyacinth Macaw. To make them comfortable they have to give a very big place. These birds are not very playful and good. After giving proper training to Hyacinth Macaw, it cannot be assured that it will not bite.

7. Peacock


- : Peafowls family's male bird name is bloomed. Mainly found in three types of peafowls in the world. Indian, Congo, Green Peafowl Indian peafowl is found throughout the world. Peacock is known for its colourful section of tail full feathers. Peacock's length is up to 5 feet.

- : Peacock is the largest bird of all bird species flying in the world. The peacock tail occupies 60% of the total length of peacock. Female peafowl chooses a bloom with a long tail of bloom and more eye rash. Peacock is also called the national bird.

8. Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

- : Scarlet Macaw Bird is the most beautiful bird of Mango Transporter. They are found in humid evergreen forests in Central and South America. They are known for coloured plumage. They also have a bright red petal with a blue peeph. His upper wings are seen in pain and green colour.

- : The significant feature of Scarlet Macaw is their fear of turning. The length of this bird is between 80-90cm in length and weighs 10.5 kg. It has flying skills. It can fly at a speed of 35 mph. Scarlet Macaws is 40-50 years old. It is said that this bird is in captivity for 75 years.

- : Scarlet Macaw is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. They can learn sounds and different tricks with ease. Scarlet Macaw are very large parrots. They make different types of sounds. Their diet consists of nuts, seeds, fruits and insects. They can break the nuts from ease to its strong scare.

9. Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant

- : Golden Pheasant is found in the mountainous areas of western china. But because of its popularity, it is seen in the wrong country of another country. Their diet includes cereals and leaves. During the night, they are found on the tree sidewalk.

- : Golden Pheasant who likes to walk and spend most of his time on land. If they get dizzy they can come very quickly on the ground with a special wing noise. Thus, because of the distinctive characteristic of this bird, one of the world's most beautiful birds is said to be a bird.

10. Green Headed Tanager

Green headed tanager

- : Green headed tanager is the most abundant of the tropical elevational zone. Their diet consists of ants, caterpillars, fruits and insects.

- : Green headed tanager is mainly found with the bird of its kind. They are often found in 6-12 bird species. Sometimes the number of birds of this community is also 20.

11. Lesser Bird Of Paradise

Lesser bird of paradise

- : Lesser bird of paradise, also known as the lower bird of heaven. They are inhabited by new Guinea forests, Misool and nearby islands of Yapen. Their diet includes fruit, insects and snails.

- : This bird is a bird of heaven. Birds of Heaven are believed to be at low risk, but the bird habitat is disappearing rapidly as it is on the islands.

12. Long Tailed Widowbird

Long tailed widowbird

- : Many of the beautiful ones of Long Tailed widowbird are found in many foreign countries such as Angola, Botswana, The democratic republic of the Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Southern Zaire. The bird lives in a wild meadow, it has one male and a large number of female.

- : Long tailed widowbird diet includes seeds and insects. Sometimes this bird catches the mid-flight catch.

13. Mandarin duck

Mandarin duck

- : Mandarin duck is mainly found in a country like China and Japan. This bird is a bird of feathered duck races.

- : In this bird, crests are found in both male lined and female lows. But man crests are found during the season. After the season the crests melt. Male breed can be separated by their bright yellow / orange scare.

14. Painted Bunting

Painted bunting

- : Painted bunting is most often found in fishes inhabited by seawater southeast and south-western United States.

- : In the food of painted bunting found grass and its seeds. They do not stay in one place, they also migrate. Thus, this bird is one of the most beautiful birds in the world due to its unique quality.

15. Quetzal


- : Quetzal bird in trogon family is very beautiful and colourful bird.

- : Quetzal is mainly inhabited in forests and woodlands. Where there is a denser area, this bird is found in abundance.

- : Quetzal size is more than 13 inches. The bird's diet is fruit, berries, insects and small frogs. They make it difficult to see a wooded settlement with their bogged colour pitch. This bird has expertise in helping other birds. Thus Quetzal is one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

16. Red Crested TURACO

Red crested TURACO

The Red crested turaco is a turaco as well as red crested turaco is a a group of African near passerines and red crested turaco sounds like a jungle monkey. Weight of the red crested turaco is approximately 210 to 325 gm and the red crested turaco is from Musophagidae family.

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