Information About Morcote Village of Switzerland

Today we have to talk about a village called Morcote of Switzerland. This village is about 10 km from Lugano. Ticino is known as a municipality in the Swiss canton of far away. So let's get some information about Morcote Village.

The first mention of Morcote village is as Murcia in 926. In Morcote village, its main industries included fishing, farming and shipping during the middle Ages. This village became a major industry for tourism during the 19th century. As well as in the late 20th and 21st in the early twentieth century, wine production and crafts have been added to tourism. In 1997 the area of Morcote village was 2.8 square kilometers. In the area of this village 14.6% is used for agricultural purpose, while 81.4% of the forest is found. Out of the remaining land, 15.4% have been settled and 1.1% is found in rivers or lakes.

Morcote population is 33.4% of resident foreign citizens by 2008. In the last 10 years, the population has changed at a rate of 11.4%. Most of the population of this village speaks Italian. Here the German is the second most common language and the Serbian-Croatian third language. Morcote village had an unemployment rate of 3.68% in 2007. Morcote village had an unemployment rate of 3.68% in 2007. About 74% of the population in this village has completed non-compulsory higher secondary education or additional higher education.

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