Indian Air Force Mirage-2000 vs F16 Fighter (Pakistan)

Today we have talk about Indian Air Force Mirage – 2000 vs F-16 Fighter (Pakistan). We have seen comparison between them in length, height, range, and maximum speed, internal or external fuel. So let's find out a little more about Indian Air Force Mirage-2000 vs F16 Fighter (Pakistan).

The Mirage 2000 is a French multirole with single engine fourth generation jet fighter in Indian air craft. Mirage 2000 is manufactured by Dassault Aviation and it was designed in the 1970s. The Mirage 2000 is also known for capabilities of carrying out bombing operation.

The length of Mirage 2000 is 14.3 m and F-16 is 15.06 m and wingspan of Mirage 2000 is 9.1 m and F-16 is 9.96 m. The height of Mirage 2000 is 5.2 m and F-16 is 4.88 m and the range of Mirage 2000 is 1,550 Km and F-16 is 4.220 Km. The maximum speed of Mirage 2000 is 2,530 kilometers per hour and F-16 is 2414 kilometers per hour.

The service of ceiling of Mirage 2000 is 17,060 m and the rate of climb of Mirage 2000 is 285 m/s. Maximum take-off weight of Mirage 2000 is 38,500 lb. Mirage 2000 contain 2 × 30 mm guns, 4 × MBDA MICA IR/ RF air to air missiles, 2 × Metra RSSO – II air to air missiles and 2 × AS – 30L laser guided missile air to surface missiles and 9 × mk82 bombs.

Mirage 2000 has upgraded digital weapon that is delivery and navigation system, in Mirage 2000 it is capability to fire laser guided weapon that is work on day and night. The Mirage 2000 aircraft uses retractable tricycle type landing gear by Messier Dowty. The Mirage 2000 has nine hard points for weapon carriage and also tasked with a nuclear weapons delivery role.

The Mirage 2000 is available as a single seat or two seat multi – role fighter and easily usable. In the Mirage 2000 SNECMA MS3 engine was available and also afterburning turbofan was developed for the ACF and was available for the Mirage 2000 projects in India air force.

In December 1982, Peru ordered $ 800 million with options for 14 single-seat Mirage 2000PS and two two-seat Mirage 2000DP trainers, with eight and two more aircraft respectively. Peru's Mirage in the 2000s, a program of inspection and partial electronic modernization took place following a $ 140 million deal in 2009 involving Dassault, Snecma and Thales.

The UAE's Mirage 2000-9 is well-equipped for strike missions, complementing the Shehab Laser Targeting Pod and the Nahar Navigation Pod, air-to-ground modes of the RDY-2 radar. The Emirati Mirage is equipped with weapons such as the PGM500 guide bombs and “Black Shaheen" cruise missiles in 2000, which are basically a variant.

2. F-16


The F – 16 fighting Falcon is a fourth generation single engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft is manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The service of ceiling of F-16 is 50,000 ft and F-16 is 15,240 meters/m. Maximum take-off weight of F-16 is 22.7 ton.

In F-16 AIM – 9 sidewinder short range air to air missiles and AIM – 120 AMRAAM medium range air to air missiles. It contains penguin anti – ship missiles, runway denial bombs, cluster bombs, GPS – guided bombs and conventional drop bombs including nuclear bombs, AGM 65 maverick air to ground missiles, internal 20 mm M61A1 vulcan cannon.

The F-16 fighter is a single engine aircraft for the United States Air force, designed as an air day fighter. F-16 jet fighter was built under an unusual agreement creating a consortium between the United States and four NATO countries. The F-16 is capabilities in many ways leave much to be desired. The F-16 to impart considerably more energy onto missiles it fires than its French counterparts.

F-16 can fly to enter air combat, stay there and fight and then return, it can locate and target in all weather conditions. The design of the F-16 is advanced aerospace science and reliable system that combined to simplify the airplane and reduce its size. Pilot vision can be seen both front and back to use the cockpit and its bubble canopy. The F-16 is a single engine, and is made from highly maneuverable, supersonic, multi-roll tactical fighter aircraft.

The F-16A airframe is made up of about 80% aviation-grade aluminum alloys, 8% steel, 3% composite and 1.5% titanium. The F-16 has a Crop-Delta wing that incorporates wing-fuselage blending and fore body swirl-control streaks. The F-16's canopy features a bow frame on many fighters, which is a hindrance to the pilot's forward vision. It has a head-up display, which provides visual flight and combat information to the pilot without interrupting the view.

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