Information About Mangrove Pitta Bird

Today we have to talk about a bird named Mangrove pitta. This bird is a passerine bird species in the original Pittidae family of eastern Indian subcontinent and western Southeast Asia. So let's get some information about Mangrove pitta.

Mangrove pitta is range extends from India to Malaysia and Indonesia. This bird is found on mangrove and leafy palm trees where it feeds on crustaceans, mollusks and insects. The scientific name of Mangrove pitta is Pitta megarhyncha. This bird is known as a colorful bird. This bird was first described by German ornithologist Hermann Schlegel in 1863. The length of Mangrove pitta is found in 180 to 210 mm. This bird's appearance is black-headed with a buff-colored crown, white chin and buff underparts and shoulders and mantle are green and the vent is red.

Mangrove pitta is a specialty and ban of tropical or tropical Mangrove forests and Nipa palm clay in its natural habitat in Bengal, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. This bird consumes crustaceans, mollusks and subtle pests in the diet. This bird is known as a silent bird.

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