Line Of Control In Jammu And Kashmir Betweeen India And Pakistan

Line of control is the India and Pakistani control parts of former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as it is the India Pakistan border countries from southernmost point on the Line of Control. There are two crossings at Haji Pir and also one near the Tattapani but it is not operational at the moment or that partition still exists and separated family members from each other also separate many villages.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan both parts are divided by the Pakistani controlled part as well as the NJ9842 is known as the northernmost point of the Line of Control (LOC).

- : At that time the entrance and exit of the Kashmir valley is The Jhelum valley route as well as the Jammu and Kashmir claims whole region include the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan territory as it own.

- : The Indian line of the control fencing is a 550 km barrier along 740 km disputed in 1972 as well as fencing and con cantina wire eight to twelve feet in height and also connected to a network of motion sensors.

- : Originally the Line of Control (LOC) is known as a Cease Fire Line as well as it was signed on 3 July, 1972 it was redesigned as Line of Control or following the Simla Agreement.

- : Another one ceasefire line is also there and that line separates the Indian-controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir from Chinese controlled area and that is known as Aksai Chin as well as the east line also called as LAC (Line of Actual Control). The main thing is that Kashmir line of control as one of the most dangerous places all over the world.

- : Maharaja Hari Singh is a King of princely state of Jammu and Kashmir and he is agreed for the Governor General Mountbatten's and Maharaja Hari Singh is also gives suggestion to sign the Instrument of Accession.

- : India claimed that whole territory of princely state of Jammu and Kashmir had become Indian territory or due to the accession as well as also that accession claims the whole region include the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan territory or as its own.

- : On the base of Muslim majority the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir as one of the five Northern units of the India and also that were to form the new nation of Pakistan and that declare in 1933 and still Pakistan claims the whole of Kashmir but as its own territory and also include the Indian Controller Kashmir or on this interpretation India has different perspective.

- : Some films is also created upon the LOC (Line of Control) like LOC Kargil or that drama film is based on the Kargil War or fought between India and Pakistan as well as that drama film is directed by the J. P. Dutta under his J.P. Films Banner. Music of that film is composed by the Aadesh Shrivastava and also Anu Malik as well as that film got average returns on the box-office. Release date of that film is 25 December, 2003 and running time is 246 minutes.

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