The Legal Drinking Ages Around The World

Today we are going to talk about The Legal Drinking Ages around the World. The minimum legal drinking age in the world is the minimum age where a person is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. The law on MLDA covers a variety of issues, including when and where people can consume alcohol, and varies from country to country. Most countries have raised the age of drinking alcoholic beverages to 18 or 19 years. The United States and 19 other countries and especially Asian countries have the highest set of MLDA. Let us gather a little more information about The Legal Drinking Ages around the World.

Why Minimum Legal Drinking Age?

Many reasons have been given for the minimum legal age laws and regulations for drinking alcohol for the public. For some people in the world, the introduction of alcohol to minors interferes with their normal expected activities such as studies. Alcohol can also influence people's behavior. The most common reason for a ban on alcohol consumption is in adolescents, as it affects the brain. The brains of minors are still mature and alcohol damages their memory and long-term thinking.

Alcohol drinking laws for people in the world vary between countries and many laws have exemption circumstances. Most laws in the world only apply to drinking alcohol in public places where alcohol consumption at home is largely uncontrolled. Some countries in the world have different age limits for different types of alcoholic beverages. Young people are at higher risk of injury, especially when drinking alcohol. The level of knowledge of low-risk drinking in the world and the period of calculation of beverages increased with age as teenagers drank more alcohol.

Information about Minimum Drinking Age Around in the some country

1. Australia

The legal age for drinking alcohol in this country is 18 years where people of this age can buy alcohol. Many leading health experts here claim that even at the age of 18, the brain development of young people is susceptible to the toxic disease of alcohol. A request for the identification of people under the age of 25 is required when purchasing alcohol at alcohol outlets in Western Australia.

A license is required to produce or sell alcohol in Australia. Alcoholic beverages account for more than 1.15% by volume in this country but more than 0.5% by volume in Victoria and Queensland in Australia. Very little alcoholic beer is considered a soft drink in this country, such as shandy made from low-alcohol beer, while kombucha is considered alcoholic in Victoria, Australia.

2. Russia

People in Russia believe that the minimum drinking age in this country is 18 years. Russia There are no laws in the country that prohibit a minor from drinking alcohol. In this country, the sale of alcohol to people under the age of 18 is prohibited by federal and regional laws, and may attract fines and prison terms.

In this country strong alcohols like cognac and vodka are sold only to people over 21 years of age. Most large supermarkets in Russia will be very special in checking their age. However, small shops here are not likely to be bothered. New laws were enacted in the decade as part of a crackdown on excessive alcohol consumption. Among them, drinking alcohol is banned in public places in Russia.

3. Italy

The minimum legal drinking age in this country is 16 years. Italy is one of the lowest MLDAs in the world. In 2012, the then Health Minister Renato Balduzzi proposed raising the minimum alcohol drinking age to 18. If anyone under the age of 18 sells liquor in Italian shops, they face a fine of between € 250 and 1,000.

In Italy, it is a criminal offense for people under the age of 16 to drink alcohol and face up to one year in prison. Despite the rules of drinking alcohol in this country there are many minors who enjoy alcoholic beverages and especially with their parents and are alcoholic fathers during social events.

4. United Kingdom

People must be 18 years of age to buy alcohol in bars and shops in the United Kingdom. Drinking alcohol in public is also not legal for people under the age of 18 in the United Kingdom. Adults in this country can buy alcohol to drink privately at home. Here customers trying to buy alcoholic beverages under BBPA’s Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 schemes are asked to prove their age.

Adolescents between the ages of 16 and 17 in the United Kingdom can drink beverages such as wine, beer and cider with meals in a public institution if they are purchased by an adult. In this country, even people under the age of 18 cannot drink beverages like whiskey and rum with meals. People under the age of 18 in this country will not drink alcohol in any public place outside.

5. Germany

This country prohibits the sale, serving and supply of fermented beverages to anyone under the age of 16. In Germany, if the minor is with his parents and legal guardian, the age limit for drinking alcohol falls below 14. Germany generally prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from serving, selling or supplying spirits and dietary drinks in negligible quantities.

Germany can be fined up to € 50,000 for violating the "Protection of Young Persons Act". German laws governing the consumption and sale of alcohol in this country are largely focused on youth protection. Unlike many other countries, the law in Germany is not designed to completely keep young people away from alcohol. The private use of alcohol for minors in this country is not regulated by certain legal restrictions.

6. India

The age for buying and drinking alcohol in this country is 18 years or more. India has a complete ban on alcohol consumption in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Lakshadweep, Manipur and Nagaland. The legal age of drinking in India and the laws governing the sale and consumption of alcohol and state vary significantly from state to state. The country has a ban on alcohol consumption in Mizoram as well as in the Union Territories of Lakshadweep.

In some districts of Manipur, there is a partial ban on alcoholic beverages. And all other Indian states allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages for the people but it fixes the legal age of drinking and which is different for each region of this country. Despite legal restrictions in India, alcohol consumption has increased by more than 72.5% in the last 20 years as the laws are not generally followed in the business relations of consumers in this country.

Information about Drinking Ages Around the World

Country Age
Afghanistan Alcohol Prohibited
Albania 18
Algeria Alcohol Prohibited
American Samoa 18
Anguilla 21
Andorra 18
Angola No Drinking Age
Anguilla No Drinking Age
Antigua and Barbuda No Drinking Age
Argentina 18
Armenia 18
Austria 18
Azerbaijan 18
Bahamas 18
Bahrain No Drinking Age
Bangladesh Alcohol Prohibited*
Barbados 16
Belarus 18
Belgium 18
Belize 18
Bermuda 18
Bhutan 18
Bolivia 18
Bosnia and Herzegovina 18
Botswana 18
British Virgin Islands 16
Brunei 17
Bulgaria 18
Burundi 18
Cambodia No Drinking Age
Cameroon 21
Canada 19
Cape Verde 18
Cayman Islands 18
Central African Republic 15
Chile 18
China 18
Colombia 18
Comoros 18
Costa Rica 18
Croatia 18
Cuba 16
Cyprus 17
Czech Republic 18
Denmark 18
Dominican Republic 18
Ecuador 18
Egypt 21
El Salvador 18
Equatorial Guinea 21
Eritrea 18
Estonia 18
Ethiopia 15
Falkland Islands 18
Fiji 18
Finlan 18
France 18
Gabon 18
Gambia 17
Georgia 18
Ghana 18
Gibraltar 18
Grenada 18
Guam 21
Guatemala 18
Guinea-Bissau No Drinking Age
Guyana 18
Haiti 18
Honduras 18
Hong Kong 18
Hungary 18
Iceland 20
Indonesia 21
Iran Alcohol Prohibited
Iraq Alcohol Prohibited
Ireland 18
Israel 18
Japan 20
Jordan 18
Kazakhstan 21
Kenya 18
Kesovo No Drinking Age
Kuwait Alcohol Prohibited
Kyrgyzstan 18
Latvia 18
Lebanon 18
Lesotho 18
Liberia 18
Libya Alcohol Prohibited
Liechtenstein 18
Lithuania 20
Luxembourg 16
Macau No Drinking Age
Macedonia 18
Malawi 18
Malaysia 21
Maldives Alcohol Prohibited*
Malta 17
Mexico 18
Micronesia 18
Moldova 18
Mongolia 18
Montenegro 18
Mozambique 18
Myanmar 18
Nepal 18
Netherlands 18
New Zealand 18
Nicaragua 18
Niger 18
Nigeria 18
North Korea 18
Northern Mariana Islands 21
Norway 18
Oman 21
Pakistan Alcohol Prohibited*
Palau 21
Palestine 16
Panama 18
Papua New Guinea 18
Paraguay 20
Peru 18
Philippines 18
Poland 18
Puerto Rico 18
Qatar Alcohol Prohibited
Republic of the Congo 18
Rwanda 18
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 16
Samoa 21
San Marino 18
Saudi Arabia Alcohol Prohibited
Senegal 18
Serbia 16
Seychelles 18
Singapore 18
Slovakia 18
Slovenia 18
Solomon Islands 21
South Sudan 18
Spain 18
Sri Lanka 18
Sudan Alcohol Prohibited
Somalia Alcohol Prohibited
South Africa 18
South Korea 19
Swaziland 18
Sweden 18
Switzerland 18
Syria 18
Taiwan 18
Tajikistan 18
Tanzania 18
Thailand 20
Togo No Drinking Age
Tokelau 18
Tonga 18
Trindad and Tobago 18
Tunisia No Drinking Age
Turk and Caicos Islands 18
Turkey 18
Turkmenistan 18
Uganda 18
Ukraine 18
United Arab Emirates 18
United States 21
Uruguay 18
Uzbekistan 20
Vanuatu 18
Venezuela 18
Vietnam 18
Western Sahara No Drinking Age
Yemen Alcohol Prohibited
Zambia 18
Zimbabwe 16
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