What is The Witcher's Law of Surprise ?

There are millions of characters to watch in Game of Thrones. The Witcher is challenging in Game of Thrones for many other reasons. This big fictional epic from Netflix is ​​said to be out of order by at least three different timelines. This is a very important idea in The Witcher season of the series which despite having the full driving force behind why the main characters are connected doesn’t get much real explanation in the series and is called Surprise Act. Law of surprise is the key to understanding this show. So let us gather a little more information about the Law of surprise.

The Witcher wiki is Describing of the Law of Surprise

This kind of law is as old as humanity. The Law of Surprise implies that a man saved by someone else expects to give his Savior a blessing whose nature is unknown to both parties. In most cases this blessing takes the form of the first born child of the saved man and is conceived or born without the knowledge of the father.

Other Information

This type of law is apparently inspired by Polish and Slavic folklore. Redditor, one of The Witcher subreddit, has provided a very good background on where this type of nice law came from.

The Redditor draws attention to a Russian fairy tale by the 9th century folklorist Afanasyev entitled "The Sea Tsar and Vasilisa the Wise" and mentions the customs and law of surprise found in The Witcher. But how this actually applies to the plot of the series is a bit more complicated. The Witcher season comes in the fourth episode of Forest while Queen Calanthe is hosting a banquet for her daughter Princess Pavetta.

Calanthe then plans to strategically marry his daughter to form a political alliance but a mysterious knight named Duny shows up to claim Pavetta as his bride. After that year ago this knight saved the life of Calanthe's husband King Roegner. When Duny saved Roegner's life and at the time he said that according to tradition he chose the Law of surprise as payment. The law of surprise is relatively simple. And by paying for a great deed like saving someone's life, Law of surprise can claim something she doesn't have yet.

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