The List Of Largest Producer Of Milk In The World

Today we are going to talk about the largest producer of milk in the world. India produced more than 180 million tons of milk in 2018. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, India accounts for 22% of the world's annual production. We know that India's dairy industry is growing at the fastest rate of any major producer in recent times. So let’s gather a little more information about the largest producer of milk in the world.

1. India

This country is known as the largest producer of milk in the world. India contributes about 19% of the world's total milk production with about 150 tons of milk production per year. This country's milk production is ahead of all the countries in the Union, the US, Pakistan, China and Brazil. India is celebrating World Milk Day on June 1.

2. EU-28

EU-28 countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and more are in a position to offer fur for a wide range of dairy products. The milk production of EU-28 countries is insufficient for the required domestic demand. The value of milk produced in EU-28 is EUR 53.1 thousand million and in 2011 the production of EU-28 douche was 14% of the value of agricultural production.

3. U.S.A

The United States is the world's largest producer of milk and the second largest producer of cow's milk. Cow's milk production is very high in American states such as Washington, California, Idaho, New York and Pennsylvania. There are large dairy farms in the country with 15,000 head of cattle. The United States exports milk to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada and China.

4. Pakistan

Milk production in Pakistan has increased by about 4% in 2018-19. This country is known as the fourth largest milk producing country in the world. About 80% of milk production in Pakistan is in rural areas, in small quantities 15% in peri-urban and 5% in urban areas. The per capita availability of milk in this country has almost tripled in the last three decades.

5. Brazil:

In the past, this country used to import large quantities of milk. But nowadays this country produces a very large amount of douche. Brazil is the fourth largest producer of milk and cheese in the world. This country is improving the quality of milk by increasing the control of their milk production process. This country currently exports milk to more than 60 countries. This country produces about 35.5 million tons of milk.

6. China

In 2019, the country produced about 32 million metric tons of cow's milk. Let me tell you that the national milk production in China in the last decade was around 30 to 32 million tons annually. This country is the fifth largest producer of milk in the world and the second largest producer of dairy in Asia. With plans to build 100,000 cow dairy farms in Russia, this country has emerged as a world leader in cow milk production.

7. Russia

This country is the seventh largest producer of milk in the world. EcoNova, one of Russia's milk producers, is on the verge of expanding its dairy herd to become the world's largest raw milk producer. Russia produces about 31.5 million tons of milk. Some of the milk produced by this country is exported to Saudi Arabia.

8. Turkey

This country is known as a wonderful and forthcoming country in the field of milk production. Turkey is the third largest producer of more than 22 million tons of milk in Europe. This country is the eighth largest milk producer in the world. The production of cow's milk in this country is concentrated around the cities of Edirne, Izmir, Balıkesir, Aidan, Denizli, Konya, Manisa, Tekirdağ, Burdur and Bursa.

9. New Zealand

Most of the milk in this country is produced on the North Island. New Zealand produces dairy products such as butter, cream, cheese and milk powder. This country produces about 21 billion liters of milk every year. New Zealand exports its milk products to countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. This country is known as the 8th largest milk producing country in the world.

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