Largest Oil Refineries In The World

Today we are going to talk about the largest oil refineries in the world. The world's largest oil refineries are located in Asia and the Pacific. India hosts the world's largest refinery complex at This Oil Refinery. So let's gather a little more information about the largest oil refineries in the world.

This Oil Refinery is located in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. This type of refinery is known as the largest oil refinery in the world. Jamnagar Refinery is operated by Reliance Industries. This oil company includes affiliated facilities and production, utilities flights, port facilities and a township. Jamnagar Refinery is spread over 7,500 acres. Jamnagar Refinery has more than 50 process units. Jamnagar Refinery is seen refining basic feedstock and crude oil to obtain various finished products. This Refinery includes marox Treatment, Sulfur Recovery and Hydrogen Generation units.

Production : 1,240,000 Per day

2. Paraguana Refinery Complex

Paraguana Refinery Complex

The Paraguana Refinery Complex in Punto Fijo, Falcón, Venezuela is known as the second largest oil refinery in the world. The area of ​​this oil refinery includes Bajo Grande, Amuay, and Cardón refineries. This oil refinery was established in 1949. The Paraguana Refinery Complex also has a catalytic cracking unit. The oil refining capacity of Paraguana Refinery Complex is 71%. This type of refinery complex belongs to the state-owned company Petróleos de Venezuela. In 2012, a gas leak at the refinery caused an explosion that set fire to three tanks on Block 23.

Production : 940,000 Per day

3. SK Energy Ulsan Refinery

SK Energy Ulsan Refinery

This oil refinery is located in Ulsan, South Korea. SK Energy Ulsan Refinery is owned by SK Energy. SK Energy Ulsan Refinery produces gasoline, LPG, diesel, jet fuel and asphalt. Heavy oil smelting plants and decomposition plants were started in the area of ​​this type of oil refinery. SK Energy Ulsan Refinery has five crude distillation units and one paraxylene unit. SK Energy Ulsan Refinery has 34 large scale crude oil storage tanks. This oil refinery has two naphtha cracking units and a heavy oil refining facility with a capacity of 114,000 bpd.

Production : 850,000 Per day

4. Ruwais Refinery

Ruwais Refinery

This oil refinery is located in Abu Dhabi. Ruwais Oil Refinery, owned by ADNOC refining plant, is known as the largest oil refinery in the UAE with a capacity of 400,000 bpd. This oil refinery is twice the size of ADNOC's other Jebel Ali refinery. This refinery was started in 1981 and subsequently the capacity of Ruwais Refinery was increased to 120,000 bpd.

Production : 817,000 Per day

5. Yeosu Refinery

Yeosu Refinery

This oil refinery is located in the city of Yeosu in South Korea's Jeolla Province. Yeosu Refinery is operated by GS Caltex and is a joint venture between GS Holdings and Chevron. This type of oil refinery was established in May 1967 as Korea's first private oil company. The Yeosu Refinery has a disposal facility with a capacity of 272,000 bpd. The Yeosu Refinery includes HUU facilities for converting base oil plants, hydrocrackers and inexpensive residues into expensive light petroleum products such as kerosene and diesel.

Production : 730,000 Per day

6. Onsan Refinery

Onsan Refinery

This oil refinery is known as the fifth largest oil refinery in the world. Onsan Refinery is located in Ulsan, South Korea. Onsan Refinery is a refinery operated by S-Oil Corporation producing petrochemicals and lube base oil. Onsan Refinery was listed as a Fortune Global 500 company in 2009. The Lube Base Oil Complex and Bunker-C Cracking Center of This Oil Refinery produce the best quality oil products. Onsan Refinery includes condensate fractionation units for the production of additional naphtha.

Production : 669,000 Per day

7. Jurong Island Refinery

Jurong Island Refinery

Jurong Island Refinery's two operating sites are Jurong on the mainland and Pulau Ayer Chawan on Singapore's Jurong Island. This type of refinery is known as the seventh largest refinery in the world. The Jurong Island Refinery includes downstream units including a steam cracker ethylene complex and two downstream plants.

The Jurong Island Refinery also includes a chemical plant with two world-scale steam crackers and an aromatics plant. The Jurong Island Refinery conducts research on clean energy technologies, such as biodiesel made from agricultural waste, algae biofuels, carbonate fuel cells and refining crude oil into plastics using membranes and osmosis instead of heat.

Production : 605,000 Per day

8. Port Arthur Refinery

Port Arthur Refinery

Port Arthur Refinery can process a variety of crude inputs, including tight oil and heavy, sour and acid crude. This oil refinery is located in Port Arthur, Texas, United States. Port Arthur Refinery supplies gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel and high quality base oil to U.S. customers. This oil refinery is operated by Motiva Enterprise. This oil refinery produces chemicals and solvents. The new three-unit naphtha processing complex at Port Arthur Refinery includes a catalytic modifier.

Production : 635,000 Per day

9. Galveston Bay Refinery

Galveston Bay Refinery

Galveston Bay Refinery has about 4,000 retail outlets. This oil refinery is headquartered in Texas City, Texas, USA. This Oil Refinery is an American petroleum refining, transportation company and marketing company. Galveston Bay Refinery can process a wide variety of crude oils into distillates, aromatics, heavy fuel oil, fuel-grade coke, refinery-grade propylene, dry gas, chemical-grade propylene and sulfur. Galveston Bay Refinery has access to an export market and a number of options to sell refined products. About 45% of the electricity generated in 2018 was used at the Galveston Bay Refinery.

Production : 585,000 Per day

10. Baytown Refinery

Baytown Refinery

This oil refinery is located in Baytown, Texas, USA. ExxonMobil owns and operates the Baytown Refinery. Baytown Refinery was founded in 1919. This oil refinery is spread over 3,400 acres in the Houston Ship Channel. Baytown Refinery produces jet fuel, refinery gas, propane, chemical feed stocks, oil, diesel, gasoline and coke. This oil refinery integrates a regional engineering office, two chemical plants and a global technology center.

Production : 560,500 Per day

11. Garyville Refinery

Garyville Refinery

This oil refinery is known as the third largest American oil refinery. Garyville Refinery is located in Louisiana, USA. Garyville Refinery is owned and operated by Marathon Petroleum Corporation. Garyville Refinery processes heavy sour crude oil to produce gasoline, diesel, asphalt, isobutane, propane, propylene, fuel-grade coke and sulfur. This oil refinery includes hydrotreating, crude distillation, hydrocracking, catalytic cracking, alkaline, sulfur recovery and coking.

Production : 556,000 Per day

12. Ras Tanura Refinery

Ras Tanura Refinery

This oil refinery is located in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. Most of the products manufactured by This type of Refinery are supplied to the dam bulk plant for domestic use and the rest are exported. The main facilities of this refinery are 225,000bpd gas condensate distillation unit, 325,000 bpd crude distillation unit and 50,000 bpd hydrocracker. Ras Tanura Refinery also has a 60,000bpd wiz breaker unit. Ras Tanura Refinery is owned and operated by Saudi Aramco, a state-owned oil company.

Production : 550,000 Per day

13. Baton Rouge Refinery

Baton Rouge Refinery

This oil refinery is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. Baton Rouge Refinery is the site of the first commercial liquid catalyst cracking plant. This oil is part of a complex made up of nine individual plants in the refinery area. About 6,300 workers are spread over the Baton Rouge Refinery's sites.

This oil refinery is operating two 110,000-bpd gasoline producing fluid catalytic crackers. The 23,000-bpd hydrocracks of Baton Rouge Refinery is under tax maintenance. One of the other CDUs of Baton Rouge Refinery is the same size as PSLA-7 and has higher crude processing capacity.

Production : 540,000 Per day

14. Shell Pulau Bukom Refinery

Shell Pulau Bukom Refinery

This oil refinery is located in Bukom Island, Singapore. Shell Pulau Bukom Refinery is a wholly owned refinery of Shell worldwide. This oil refinery aims to reduce the number of refineries by 2050 as part of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to pure zero and reducing its oil and gas business. This refinery is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company.

Production : 500,000

15. Abadan Refinery

Abadan Refinery

This oil refinery is in Abadan, Iran. The Abadan Refinery was built in 1909 on a lease by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. This refinery is operated and controlled by the National Iranian Oil Company. The capacity of distillation unit 85 at Abadan Refinery has increased from 130,000 to 180,000 barrels per day. One of the projects of this oil refinery aims to produce more gasoline and reduce fuel oil.

Production : 450,000 Per day

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