Largest Living Birds In The World

Birds main characteristics of the wings. The smallest bird bee and largest bird ostriches. It is 3 meters high can fly and weight 540kg. The largest bird is unproductive phorusrhacidae is about 9.2 feet high. But present it has gone extinct. The heaviest and huge bird Argentina Vs Magnificens for aviation. Likewise the highest of ostrich increase to 9.3 feet. The world’s largest living birds information in this.

Wandering albatross is the biggest bird to be killed until the 8.3 feet. It’s huge beautiful south and North ocean of the natives. Wandering albatross is 24 species. It’s 12 kg weight. It for the most part of fish to eat and fresh water drink. Albatross most of the time the ocean from the wind of the gledingpasses. They are sometimes the same above the ground is found. At the time of fertility it lives in faraway islands and put 1 egg after mating.

2. Andean Condor

Andean condor

Andean condor is a south America bird. It is America’s closest Pacific beaches are found. Its wings 10 inch. His head and neck feather is not. Argentina Bolivia chili and Colombia of the national symbol. Its length is 100 to 130 cm and it’s weight is 8 to 11 kg. Its habit is open grassland and Alpine areas. It’s more than so can live. It one or two eggs put in. It’s color is white.

3. Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian pelican

Dalmatian pelican is the world’s most extreme flying bird. It in Europe and south Asia. Its length is feet up and increase its weight 12 to 14 kg. Dalmatian pelican wings 9 feet as. It bills a length of 18 inches equal. It is the world second of the biggest bird. Its main food is fish. Dalmatian pelican on 2 kg fish to eat.

4. Domesticated Turkey

Domesticated turkey

Domesticated turkey is one of the two species in the same as the wild turkey. It is referred to as hans and the chicks called poults or turkeylings. Latin species name means chicken peacock. It is the eight largest living birds species. And it’s weight is 108 kg. It’s food is sandwich meat or cold cuts. Domestic turkey meat is dark and more intensely flavored. Turkey during aggressive can also lead to heat stress.

5. Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin

Emperor penguin is the largest and the tallest species in the penguin and it lives in Antarctica. Its height is about 48 inch and its weight is 45 kg. It has black head white stomach and yellow breast and ear yellow. Its food is fish. It travels 50 to 120 km on ice. His age is up to 50 years. Emperor penguin are in danger from global warming.

6. Emu


Emu is the second largest bird and after its Ratite relative the ostrich. In 1788 European settlement after the extinct. May and June fighting females for a mate is common. Several clutches of egg in one. Emu’s length is 139 to 164 cm and height is 150 to 190 cm. And it’s weight is 18 to 60 kg. Emu is soft being adapted for grazing. Emu’s neck is black and plunge is grey brown.

7. Greater Rhea

Greater rhea

Greater rhea is the eastern south America species. They are found in more Argentina and Brazil. It comes in open areas of grassland and grassland wetland. It weight 20 to 27 kg. Its length is 1.4 meter and it’s tail length is 127 to 140 cm. It is preferred to fly at low altitude but sometimes goes up to 1200 meters. Greater rhea is know as a “ house”. So it is safe to be hunted. Her egg color is greenish yellow.

8. King Penguin

King penguin

King penguin is second largest species of the penguin. The south Atlantic and at macquarie island is found. It’s food is small fish squid and krill. King penguin averages 2 km/h descending and ascending. It's also proposed a swimming techniques used to breathe maintaining speed. King penguin is serially monogamous.

9. Kori Bustards

Kori Bustards

Kori bustards is Africa’s largest flying bird. Its length is 120 to 150 cm. Its height is 11 12 cm and weight is 7 to 18 kg and its wings length 3.7 to 4.9 too. It’s just two eggs put in and the size of 2.3 to 2.4 inch. Kori bustards little fuzzy birds. It in south Africa kalahari kentucky also referred to as. In 2014 it from Botswana national bird.

10. Lesser rhea

Lesser rhea

Lesser rhea is large ratite so in the south America. Its distantly related to the ostrich and emu. Lesser rhea IUCN lists. The puna rhea as a separate species. In 1752 give genus name is mohring. The south American region the rhea is known locally as nandu guazuma Suri or choiqueand nandu is common name in European languages. Lesser rhea live in open grassland pampas and chaco woodlands.

11. Mute Swan

Mute swan

Mute swan is a burden of water. Its size is 5 feet and weight 12 to 13 kg. It is the original bird of European country. Its beautiful neck is S shape and wings are 8 feet. Its main food is vegetable insects and small fish. Mute swan is an intelligent and aggressive bird. It usually lays 5 to 6 eggs after mating and cares for nest and eggs.

12. Northern Cassowary

Northern cassowary

Northern cassowary known of the one wattled cassowary and single wattled cassowary. It is 149 cm long and 1.5 1.8 meter in height. And it’s weight is 30 to 37 kg. It’s patch of blue is brighter and is used for attracting mates. It is distributed to coastal swamp of Northern new Guinea island of salawati. It is main food fruit and small animals.

13. Ostrich


Ostrich is a struthionidae of flightless bird. It is classified in the in ratite group of bird and all extant species of flightless including the kiwi emus and rheas. In China ostrich is known to have extinct of the ice age of pottery and petroglyphs.occurs alongside the somali ostrich. In 20 century middle of Arabian ostrich in Arabia hunted to extinction.

14. Somali Ostrich

Somali ostrich

Somali ostrich known as the blue necked the ostrich. It is a large flightless birds native to the horn of Africa. Generally other ostrich the skin of the neck and things of somali ostrich is grey blue. In 2006 in IUCN report suggested by somali ostrich was common in the southern regions of Somalia in the 1970s and 1980s. In the Kenya it is farmed for meat features and eggs.

15. Southern Cassowary

Southern cassowary

Southern cassowary called as double wattled cassowary and Australia cassowary. It is a large flightless black bird. It is a related to emu ostrich and kiwi genera. Southern cassowary length is 127 to 170 cm and it is height is 1.5 to 1.8 meter. It’s weight is 17 to 70 kg. Southern cassowary food is fungi insects and small vertebrate. In 2017 evaluated as least concern on the IUCN red list of species.

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