Korean People And Culture

Korean people is descendants of several mongol tribal groups. It is migrated around 4000 B. C. from south Siberia and Manchuria. It is a homogeneous race, independent of neighbors with unique cultural from the Chinese and Japanese. So Korean people and culture in this.

Korean culture is the shared culture and historical heritage. Korean traditional narratives in a variety of ways. Korean have been split between the north and south Korean states in a number of cultural differences Joseon Dynasty is Korean shamanism is deeply rooted in Korean culture.

Traditional Arts
Korea is a distinction between court dance and folk dance. In arts dramas and mask dances are performed in many regional areas of Korea. Korea is a special kind of dress that women wear on festivals is pink with multiple symbols around the neck area. Korean painting in realistic landscapes flowers and birds particularly popular. It’s ink is common material and painted on mulberry paper or silk. In Korea a unique set of handicrafts produced. In handicrafts including metal wood fabric lacquer ware and earthenware in the main materials used glass leather or paper. Korean furniture including wardrobes Chests tables or drawers. And it is one of the great woodworking and design heritages of Asia and the world.

In seventeenth century it is part of a Craft that goes a minimum keeping alive a tradition that unchanged and made Korean furniture one of the most sought after styles of exotic furniture by collectors worldwide. Korean folk music is pansori is one singer and drummer. Pottery was advanced in silly during three Kingdom period. Korean people’s culture used to dress different making clothing and important mark of social rank. Korean people main food is fish and other seafood are also important because of it is kimchi. In Korean world heritage sites include Jongmyo Shrine Changdeokgung Bulguksa Hwaseong Gyeongju area and royal tombs of the joseon dynasty.

Korean People

Korean people

Korean people is the endurance and dynamism. After hours socializing all take in stride in a work hard, play hard culture. The Korean people is readily apparent not only in daily interaction. In the nation is folk art. Favorite song often sung in the Korean character at the end of parties or dinners have lilting sad memories pointing to the strong element of melancholy contained. It’s feeling and emotions is exuberance or anger delight or frustration.

Social structure
Korean people lived in an ethic based on five hierarchical relationship including father-son king- subject husband-wife elder- younger and friends -friends. The prime determinant one of the treated and treatescourse position is very important and commands respect. Korean perspective these is necessary in order to established the newcomer position in the hierarchy. A relationship is vertical opposed to the horizontal all people are equal of the West. And relationships play important role in professional and social life.

Life Expectancy
The twentieth century middle of life expectancy in Korea was low. A great achievement reaching 60th birthday. So high that celebrations and festivities attendant upon the birth of a child and the hundredth day of the child’s life. The traditional celebration still continue making the 100th day and 60th year after birth it’s two most important birthday in the Korean life. An growing number of people 5 are waiting until 70th birthday to celebrate.

First Birthday
In past people is considered to complete cycle active lifetime at sixty years. It is no longer considered an individual age mandatory retirement in Korean blue and white collar worker was 55 in the 1980 and the 58 then 60 years of age. New rule 65 is the retirement age for performing physical work in March 2019 by The supreme Court.

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding ceremony in a palanquin to the elaborately costumed groom riding to the house of the bride to ceremonial sips of wine their first meeting and now see only at the folk village. Most of Korean people have western style wedding.

Selecting A Spouse
In family use to children with the aid of a matchmaker. Many couples meet at college or at work and decide to many on their own initiative. A Korean is marrying a non Korean approval can sometimes be difficult to obtain. The romantic ideal that is increasingly prevalent and many younger Koreans approach marriage in a pragmatic manner. Social norm in various factors including the unwillingness of young women not to use deucationand the preferences of both partners to delay children a few years into the marriage.

Korean People Are Technology Addicts
Korea is most technologically connected nations the globe. It is play a key role in functionality. For example Korea is the most advance ticketing machines. Few people are standing around staring at the screen of the smartphone. Korean most famous in smartphone brands.

Respectful To Elders
The globe regardless of whether in Korean but it are incredibly respectful to elders. Korean people is older them in a casual tone disrespectful. Korean family is utmost important and so they follow elder’s instructions strictly. Korean will be quickly ask age once they met.

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