Kepler-440 b

In this article, we get more information about Kepler-440b, discovered by NASA. NASA announced the Kepler-440b in January 6, 2015.The kepler-440b was declared as located in the habitable zone. The Kepler-440b is proved to have liquid water on the surface of the planet. The Kepler-440b is an exoplanet -like planet, and it circulates a k-type star.

Kepler-440b takes 101.1 days to complete its star's orbit. The exploration of the Kepler-440b was done in 2015. Kepler-440b was discovered by NASA's Kepler spacecraft, using the transit method, to discover this planet. The distance from Earth from Kepler 440b to 851.3 light years is far away.

Kepler-440b Earth has 1.86 times the radius. Kepler-440b is stable in the habitable zone and its region where liquid water may exist on the surface of the planet. Kepler-440b super-earth exoplanet.

Kepler says the size of 440b is gassy than rocky. At least it is as much as a party line. The Kepler-440b is a bright bulb that cannot be forgotten. It is a disappointing depiction that energy is raised around Kepler- 440b. It is believed that the Kappler-440b is like the Moon of Saturn, which is considered to be Jovian satellites and Saturn's moonlight.

Kepler-440b is expected to increase in liquid water and efficient atmospheres. November 29, 2015 - The possibility of becoming a rocky planet was low and most were asked about Kepler -440 b. Kepler -440b is known as a rounded super-Earth exponent within about 850 light-years from Earth. Kepler – 440b was invented by NASA's Kepler mission.

The Kepler -440b is 851.3 light-years away from our solar system, Kepler -440b is more than 0.6 times larger than Earth and 0.6 times more than our sun. Kepler – 440b is the surface temperature of 4134 on the planet.

The rotation of kepler-440b is 0.24 AU. Kepler-440b has a magnitude of 15.5 with a full magnitude of 8.4. The surface temperature of Kepler-440b is approximately 4134, which can be compared to the descriptive type k6. The recent Venus of kopparapu Kepler-440b is a distance of 0.231 AU. The telescope used to see the Kepler-440b cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Kepler-440b is a type of star, which is located in the constellation of Lyra. Calculator of Kepler-440b is 1.300 billion years old. It is believed that the Kepler-440b rotates around the star. Because it circulates around the star, it is considered an extrasolar planet.Kepler-440b is not a part of the Lyra constellation but it is within the constellation boundary. The orbital period of Kepler-440b is believed to be 101 days.

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