Facts About Planet Kepler 22b & Exoplanet In Habitable Zone

Kepler 22b was called "water world" by scientists. Kepler 22B is a sea-like planet. Kepler 22B is also comparable to the sea planet of water which can be compared to 1214 B. Kepler 22b is a G-Type Star. Which is three times less than the Sun. In comparison to the Sun, Kepler 22b surface temperature is 5245 degree Celsius. Kepler 22B star is about 4 billion years old.

Kepler 22b rotates into the colonization zone of the Sun-like star. Kepler 22 B is located in the constellation around 638 years ago. Kepler 22b was discovered by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler 22B is hard to see from the naked eye. Kepler 22B is 2.4 times larger than the size of the body. The first transit of Kepler 22B was held on May 12, 2009. And it was confirmed on December 5, 2011.

Kepler 22B goes further in the rectangular range. And its surface temperature is very high. Kepler 22B is slightly larger than the crystal. Its circulation is very similar. Life can be organized on its surface. Kepler 22B is a little smaller than our sun. Kepler 22B's orbit takes 289 days. It is 85% bigger than the orbital. Scientists do not yet know that planets have rocky, air, or liquid compositions.

It is believed that Kepler 22b is like Neptune. If the carbon cycle has stopped due to the lack of oceans and plate tectonics, Kepler 22B is a bearing, as a barrel super. Kepler 22B's orbital is in the habitable zone of the semi-main axis and its hot star. Kepler 22B is a high-level orbital region. The average distance between Kepler 22B is 15% less than the distance between the Sun and Moon.

Distance to Earth : 587.1 light years

Radius : 12,997 km

Discovered : 5 December 2011

Orbital period : 290 days

Orbits : Kepler-22

Kepler 22 B is 22 Celsius. Kepler 22B mostly makes rock, gas, or liquid. Kepler 22B reduces the evolution of stars. So far 2326 candidates have been found in planets. The Kepler Mission has confirmed in the "habitable zone". Kepler 22b lives around the stars. Surface water exists in the plane. Kepler currently has more than 1000 candidates have found.

Kepler 22b is in Venus and Mars orbits near Mars. Some scientists from NASA's headquarters in Washington said Douglas Hardin’s, "There is no limit on this route to find the twins of the girl." The results of Kepler are to demonstrate the importance of NASA's science making. The Kepler planets and planetary candidates have been measured in the brightness of more than 150000 stars. The Kepler needs less in-fewer traits to test the sign as a planet.

Tim Kepler William Bourke, who was the founder of Kepler 22b, said, "The planet was a fro soon with the discovery of" We took the first tragedy three days after the spacecraft was announced properly. The Kepler Science team uses NASA's Spitzer Stones Telescope.

Kepler observes the constellation in Sciences and Lyre. 1094 new candidates have invented the planets. Since the last list has been released in February, 89% of the candidates have increased. And now it is 2326. Of these, 207 forms of size, 680 super Earth size, 1181 Neptune size, 203 guru sizes and 55 guru are larger.

From May 2000 to September 2010, the number of small-sized planetary candidates has increased. The size of the size and the size of the super-adult size has increased from 200 to 140%.

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