Jyoti Amge World's Smallest Living Woman According To Guinness World Records

Jyoti Amge was born on December 16, 1993 in Nagpur, Central India. According to Ranjana, Jyoti Amge's mother, Jyoti Amge was of average height until he reached the age of five. It was then clear that Jyoti Amge's growth was hampered by some kind of disorganization. Then Jyoti Amge has a form of dwarfism and achondroplasia so she will not go beyond her exact height. So let's gather some more information about Jyoti Amge.

- : At present, the height of Jyoti Amge is 64 cm. At the age of four, she taught school with regular-sized children, yet Jyoti Amge found a desk and chair more suitable for her size. Jyoti Amge first came to the attention of the wider world in 2009, when she appeared in Fuji TV's 'Bikkuri Chojin 100 Special Number 2'. As measured by the doctors in this show, Jyoti Amge is only 61.95 cm. Height was found to be elevated and which confirmed Jyoti Amge as the youngest teenager. Jyoti Amge weighed only 4kg (9 lb).

- : Like many teenage girls, Jyoti Amge loved fashion and make-up and Jyoti Amge aspired to become an actress. In 2009 she appeared in a video for the song of Bhangra star Mika Singh and was featured in an episode of the Channel 4 documentary Bodyshock, titled 'Two Foot Tall Teen'.

- : Jyoti Amge turned 18 on December 16, 2011. And Guinness World Record declares Jyoti Amge the youngest woman in the world with a height of 62.8 centimeters. Jyoti Amge was measured by Dr Manoj Pahukar, a disability consultant, at Wockhardt Superspeciality Hospital in his hometown, Nagpur.

- : Spine compression fluctuates body height of Jyoti Amge during 24 hours. Jyoti Amge was found to be 62.8 cm high, which was slightly shorter than the previous record holder in the 69-cm-tall Bridgette Jordan in the USA. She is known as the smallest woman in the world and the shortest woman in the world.

- : She moved to New York City in 2013 and where GWR's Mike Janella received the honor of being Jyoti Amge's tour guide. Jyoti Amge attracted the crowd despite being shorter than one of New York's fire hydrants. She has since taken steps to fulfill her ambition to become a movie star.

- : In 2012, she met Nepal's Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the youngest man in the world. The pair performed together for the 57th edition of the Guinness World Records 2013. Jyoti Amge hit US in 2014 Signed up for an episode of Ma Petite in the fourth season of the TV series American Horror Story. Jyoti Amge was also a guest participant on the Indian television show Bigg Boss 6.

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