International Space Station Facts

Here we describe information about the International Space Station that means ISS is a one kind of artificial satellite or which is orbit among the earth. SSI launched in 1998 and it starts resides arriving on 2000 and that ISS (International Space Station) continually inhabited science today. The expiration time of the ISS until 2030. Development of ISS is continually working with several elements in 2019 and also in orbit ISS is a very huge human made body on earth.

ISS (International Space Station) is a multinational construction project which is the huge creation of human being over the space. International Space Station Includes 15 countries which are give contribution of them in ISS, those countries like NASA (US), European Space Agency and also Roscosmos (Russia) is a main partner and those partner are contribute most of the founding and some other partners are Canadian Space Agency as well as also Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency are included in ISS (International Space Station).

International Space Station Facts

Here we describe some interesting facts about the ISS means International Space Station.

1. Per 90 minute ISS means International Space Station is orbit among the earth.

2. Out of all country only 18 country and only 230 individual people can visit ISS (International Space Station).

3. International Space Station is occupied continually science November 2000.

4. 16 time ISS (International Space Station) is orbit on earth in 24 hours.

5. The International Space Station is travels as an equivalent distance to the Moon.

6. In Only United State (US) segment there are more than 1.5 million lines of flight software code as well as that code runes on 44 computer via 100 data networks as well as that networks transfers 400,000 signals.

7. Over the space station there are more than 50 computer controls the system of ISS (International Space Station).

8. Space station is launching from earth at that time in 6 hours the spacecraft is arrived.

9. In ISS (International Space Station) there are six Spaceships is connected to space station at a time.

10. Outside of the station we can easily more than 20 several research payloads can be hosted or organized at a one time.

International Space Station

International Space Station
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