Information About Gliese 581 (Star Of Spectral Type M3V)

Today we talk about a star named Gliese 581. This star is the star of the spectral type M3V in the center of the planetary system. Gliese 581 is estimated to be about one third of the Sun, and it is the closest 89th star to the Sun. So let's talk about Gliese 581 Get some information about.

Gliese 581 has a temperature of 3,480 K. This star is 20.42 light years away from Earth. The Gliese 581 is known from at least 1886, when it was included in Eduard Schönfeld's Southern Durchmusterung - the fourth part of Bonner Durchmusterung. Glance 581 refers to the catalog number from the Gliese catalog of 1957 surveys of near 965 stars located in Earth's 20th parsecs. The other names of this star include BD-07 ° 4003 and HO Libra. The Gliese 581 is a red dwarf with the type of spectrum M3V. M-class dwarf star like the Gillies 581 has a much lower mass than the Sun, which is significantly lower in the original field of hydrogen Fuse at the rate.

Gliese 581 is known as a very old star. It makes it passive at its slow pace, which makes resident planets more convenient than most red dwarfs. Glace 581 is classified as the Variable Star of the BY Draconis type, and it has been given a variable star designation HO Librae. This is a star that shows flexibility due to the presence of star spots attached to the stars' circulation.

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