What Does “IKR” Meaning, and How is it Used?

Today we are going to talk about What Does “IKR” Meaning, and How Do You Use It. "IKR" is called a popular internet slang that the user can always see on social media and one after another texts and chats. The user needs to know what IKR means, where it came from and how to use IKR in communication. So let's gather some more information about What Does “IKR” Meaning, and How Do You Use It.

1. What Does It Mean?

IKR is rhetorical and indicates that the user agrees with someone's opinion or observation. Most users use IKR as an alternative to saying "yes" and "I know, right”. However IKR also expresses a sense of relief that someone else can share thoughts or opinions about a user.

2. Where Did It Come From?

The user's colloquial phrase "I know, right” has been around since the 1990s. The line is strongly associated with the "Valley Girl" stereotype but gained more popularity in 2004 when the Mean Girls movie was released. It seems that people have also started using the IKR abbreviation soon after the film came out.

IKR was first added to the Urban Dictionary in 2005 and reads the original definition of IKR as a quote from Mean Girls. According to Google Trends it did not gain serious popularity until 2009 and since then IKR has had a stable place in a vocabulary.

IKR is no longer considered a Valley Girl Slang. IKR is just a useful internet startup when the user agrees strongly with someone. The origins of IKR may not be noble but like a good start, it is found to help people communicate more quickly.

3. How Do You Use It?

It is easy for the user to use IKR. Only IKR should be used whenever the user wants to say something. If someone says, “I hate how dogs smell,” you might say IKR instead. And I will never let a dog come to my house! If the user wants to be vague, the user can say IKR.

There are no weird grammar rules and alternate meanings or weird memes with IKR. In IKR, as in any initialization, people often skip capitalization and any punctuation. The user can view IKR in converse conversations online and in comments.

One thing the user wants to keep in mind is that the phrase IKR is a bit loaded. Again IKR does not mean that you agree with anyone but the user is also relieved that he or she shares the same opinion as you.

If the user does not really agree with what someone has said then the user should avoid using IKR.

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