How To Train Your Dragon 3

The Hidden World is a well-known toothbrush known as "Sunset to the Next World". The Hidden world seems to be very ancient. Dean- DeBlois made the dream of the first secret world as a dream of the ocean of the sea. Hiccup and Astrid are well-known Vikings who have entered the Hidden World.

Directed by : Dean Deblois
Produced by : Bonnie Arnold , Brad Lewis
Written by : Dean DeBlois
Based on : How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
Music by : John Powell
Edited by : John K. Carr.
Production Company : Dreamwork Animation
Release date : January 3, 2019(Australia), February 22, 2019(United states)
Running Time : 104 minutes
Language : English

Character Of This Movie
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock
Astrid Hofferson
Gobber the belch
Fishlegs Ingerman
Snotlout Jorgenson
Tuffnut Thorston
Ruffnut Thorston
Grimmel the Grisly
Stoick the Vast
Spitelout Jorgenson
Phlegma the Fierce
Hoark the Haggard
Ranger the Rock
Chagatai Khan
Griselda the Grievous

Dragon of This Movie
Unnamed Light Fury
Barf and Belch
Gothi’s Pet
Drago's Bewilderbeast
Grimmie's Death Grippers
Reduced Crimson Goregutter
Rescued Hobgobbler

This is Dream work Animation film. In this movie a reckless young man who tries to find the dragon. She becomes a friend of the young dragon A Saint Dragon of Hiccup fulfills the dream of Utopia. When the ruler of the village of Hiccup is tested as head of the village. Both Dragons and Rider are making an impossible decision to save them.

Hiccup save the dragon in this movie. Although his dream is to live with humans and dragons, Hiccup drags the dragon and takes the Burke while dreaming to find the Hidden world.

Burke people in Middle travel find an island where they relax. They are settled in a short time. Hiccup makes it a tail, seeing failure to see the toothache in order to move on to increasing the relationship with fat foil.

Hiccup sets up with swords and dragon riders to stop his army and save all captured dragons. Grimmel forces control the army so that there is a huge war. After the hot air war, the summer mill calms downtown Toothless. Frees Hiccup Light Fury.

After winning the war, the Hiccup and the Toothless separated from each other, because Berkians s married his father and Astrid in the end of his father's free stay, because the people of Berkians settled in the new island forever. Hiccup promises that until the human beings can live with them, dragons remain hidden when Berkians will retain their mystery.

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