How to Solve Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube is a 3D puzzle, which was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor Professor Arno Rubik. Basically it is called "magic cube". This puzzle has been sold in the Crop of Ideal Toys by Rubik. 350 million cube sales were sold till January 2009. This has made the world the top selling game. The color of the Cube is red, white, and blue in the direction of the clock. Not all cube rubrics. In the 1980s, Rubik’s cube reached the height of the mainstream popularity. Children from many classes keep the fastest casual solving mate in touch. In 2003, the World Cube Association, the International Organization for the International Organization of Rubicon, supplemented surpluses worldwide. And created world records.

Cube helps students understand the 3D object. By 1981, Rubik’s had become a craze for Cub. Between 1980 and 1983, 200 million rubrics were sold. The Guinness Book of Records was held on 21 March 1981. Sales declined after 1983. In November 10, 2016 Rubik Cube had a major trademark. Rubik Cube measures 5.7 centimeters. This puzzle is also called "cubes" or "cubicles". Jens G. Norse has stressed the simple Solution book of Rubik's Cube.

The 5 simple steps to solve the problem are as follows
Keep in the white center on top. Put the green steak in the front of its front. Find a piece of green and white edges. Turn them from one of the positions shown. Keep the white color in the center of the top so that you have a different color face. Repeat with two other faces until white color is complete. This step is very adventurous that you can do for sure. This step takes a little practice. In the second step, fill the can of the first level and place it in the green color center in the front. To apply the green and white edges, apply the following steps. Rotate the curb to keep white on white so that you face a different color face. Repeat with the other two faces until the white cross is over again. Keep white on top and keep in the part of the green and red edges. Compare the layer at the bottom to the center color. Rotate the cube and see yellow on yellow. And white is at the top. Get into the yellow color cross. If the angle of an angle is in the right corner, turn the cube towards it. Repeat the karma until all the angles are not in the Yoga position.

There are many approaches to solving the cube. All these methods have different levels of difficulty for infants. Generally people can solve the first face of a cow. But then this cube gets stuck in the present. They need someone's help for that. I will teach you and show the easiest way to solve this game.

1. Let's start with the white face first of all. First of all, we need to become a white cross before paying attention to the pieces of our side. This step is very adventurous. Because to see that we do not have any pieces to solve.

2. In this step we need white pieces o to finish the first face. This step is still adventurous. You can take even without studying.

3. So far, the process was very easy. But now we have to use the algorithm. In this step, the first 2 levels of AAP have been completed. They are called right or left algorithm. The top-level thing is that if any pieces are not in the images from the first to the bottom.

4. Now create a yellow cross that will solve the last level. Do not worry if the pieces are not in the final place. So it's not necessary to pay attention to the colors of the sides. When you see a dot, you have to use the algorithm thrice.

5. After making a yellow cross on the top of the cube, put the colors of the pieces around it in their final position.

By doing this, your cube puzzle will be solve.

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