How To Port Airtel To Jio

The mobile number portability is implemented in a variety of ways worldwide. In March 2008, a UK to port a card in less than 5 days, 3.5 days in Pakistan, 2 hours in United, 20 minutes in Ireland takes 3 minutes in Australia. Approximately, compared to the second country, you will be able to send a SMS to the card port in India within 24 hours.

The steps to port the card in Airtel to jio are as follows.

Steps to port your Airtel number in Jio.
1) To port your existing Airtel number from 1900 to SMS port <10 digit mobile number> which you want to port in the jio.
2) You will then receive an SMS in which you will have a UPC code and its expiry date.
3) Go with the UPC code in a new Reliance store or in a near-jio store.
4) Keep your original address address, proof of identity, documents or support cards in order to activate your jio Connection through the digital KYC process.
5) Now your new Jio SIM card can take up to 168 hours to start. Whose activation will take 7 days.
6) You will be charged a rs.19 to provide the port facility.
7) The current SIM card will be deactivated in a few days and will be ported to the new Jio SIM card.
8) Now enter Jio SIM in your mobile.
9) Now your Airtel SIM has been switched to Jio.

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