How To Open Instagram Messages On Your Desktop Or Laptop Pc

Today we are going to talk about How to Open Instagram messages on laptop or desktop PC. Instagram has definitely become one of the social media platforms for user sharing photos. In addition it offers many features including the option to interact with messages and which is absent in the web version even though it is available on the mobile application. This makes it difficult for users who want to check Instagram DMs on their computer. So let's gather some more information about How to Open Instagram messages on laptop or desktop PC.

For Using The Instagram App For Windows 10

The easiest way for a user to access all the features of Instagram on their PC is to use the official application created for Windows. If the user is using a tablet, laptop or desktop running Windows 10, the user can download the Instagram app from the Microsoft Store.

1. The first thing a user has to do is open the Microsoft App Store and search on Instagram.

2. After that the user has to download and install the application and log in with their Instagram account credentials.

3. Just now the user can check the direct messages by clicking on the arrow icon given in the upper right corner.

For Using IG : Dm Messenger.

IG : dm is a messenger application that lets users read as well as replies to Instagram direct messages. Users just need to download the app for their PC and log in with their Instagram account.

The user can then send messages, texts, images and emojis in addition to selecting messages using the double-tap feature. The app also offers several other features, including the option to disable reading receipts, save images and videos.

IG : dm to download - DM for Windows | macOS| Linux steps remain to be followed.

For Using Chrome Extension

Alternatively the user can install the "Direct Message for Instagram" extension in their Chrome browser which allows sending messages directly from the user's desktop PC. Like the mobile app it provides the facility to unsent messages and accepts or rejects message requests and also has support for emojis and file downloads.

Steps For To Install The Same On Your Computer

1. First the user opens the Chrome Web Store and searches for "Direct Message to Instagram". The user can also visit directly by clicking here.

2. After that the user has to tap on Add to Chrome.

3. Once added the user only needs to log in to their Instagram web if not already.

4. A small DM icon will then appear in the upper right corner which when clicked will take the user directly to the chat window where the user can view all their conversations.

Note : While the user gets all the basic options including the ability to send support for text, emojis, action buttons and the user cannot send GIFs and stickers.

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