How To Make Whatsapp Video Calls From Computer Or Laptop

Today we are going to talk about how to make WhatsApp video calls from computer or laptop. WhatsApp allows web users to run WhatsApp through their computers and laptops. So there are other ways if users want to make video calls to their desk devices apart from the small screens of their smartphones. You need to use the device emulator to make WhatsApp video calls to the user. There are many free android emulators in the market, one of which is a very famous emulator called BlueStacks. So let's gather a little more information about how to make WhatsApp video calls from computer or laptop.

Steps On How To Make Video Calls On Whatsapp Desktop

1. The first thing the user has to do is download the app on Mac and Windows PC. Once the setup file is downloaded, launch it and click on the “Install Now” button. The user can customize the installation process before agreeing to its terms and conditions.

2. After that user please wait for a while as the BlueStacks installer will extract all the necessary files from its server and install the application. The user will be notified when this installation is complete.

3. And after finishing the setup, it remains to launch the BlueStacks desktop application on the user's Mac and Windows PC. Initially this application process will take some time to complete. Users need to enter their Google Account credentials to proceed.

4. After that Blue Stacks will connect the user's Google account and try to get all the details related to the application. Once the app is launched go to the search bar and look for WhatsApp.

5. The user will then find the WhatsApp details on the screen as well as click on the “Install” button and agree to the terms and conditions.

6. After that WhatsApp will be installed on the user's BlueStacks account and displayed at his home. When entering the same phone number linked to the user's account, launch it and do the initial setup.

7. And now users can access their WhatsApp on their Mac or Windows PC. However the user will automatically receive the contacts here and can add new contacts manually.

8. Then go to the contact the user wants to chat with and tap the video calling button. Grant the application grant access to the user's desktop camera and microphone to start a video chat.

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