How To Lose Face Fat By Yoga, Home Remedies, Facial Exercises

Today we are going to talk about how to lose face fat. Your facial fat is very common. If you're feeling uncomfortable about yourself, here are several ways to fix it. People of all ages are aware of their chubby faces and want to know how to reduce facial fat for thinner faces so let's collect some more information on how to reduce and increase their fat.

If you want to reduce the amount of fat in your face, you have to reduce your calorie intake drastically. And increasing your workouts is essential. If you do not want to make your face what you want then you have to live on protein, boiled vegetables, salads, limited nuts and seeds and loads of water. So the information presented below will reduce your body fat, and the fat on your face is also reduced.

Face fat is where fat accumulates in certain places on your face, leading to a rounder, fuller and puffier look. It is also called facial fat. There are several layers of bone on your face that give the face its shape, then come the muscles, then the fat comes and the final layer is the skin and that is the layer of fat where the fat on your face is located.

Face fat is the excess fat on your face is also the result of excess body fat. Losing your weight can increase fat loss and help to thin both your body and face.

Types Of Fat

The following are known to be the most dangerous types of fat because they are vegetable fats that have been artificially infused with excess hydrogen. These types of fats are changing the nature and becoming solid at room temperature.

There are two types of fat

  1. Saturated
  2. Unsaturated

1. Saturated

Saturated means that the molecules in your body unfortunately stick easily together and make them regular shapes. When this is high in your body, its clot can form easily on the side of the blood vessels and organs of your body, causing major problems such as a decrease in blood oxygen and an increase in blood pressure.

We mostly get saturated fats from meat, eggs, dairy and etc. products.

2. Unsaturated

Unsaturated means that the molecules in your body are on the other hand and they create irregular shapes and the reason they don't stick easily to each other is simple. There is a chemical double bond in your body that gives regular shape to fatty acids and hence it is more difficult.

Your body's unsaturated fat is usually obtained from olive oil, soy oil, and similar vegetable products.

Why do some people have more face fat?

Why do some people here have facial fat? We have to collect information about it. The steps we introduce below can help you understand how many people have facial fat.

Generally for many people, facial fat is more prominent in people with rounded, less pronounced facial features. And in addition your diet can contribute to the weight of the face.

NYC Surgical Associates David Greuner says, "Excessive body fat, carbs and salt can affect the puffiness of your face. And it also increases the fat in your face.

The fat on your face can also be the result of weight gain. Usually this is caused by the bad diet of many people, but it can also be genetic. So some people put extra weight on their hips and some people put it on their face.

If you have an unbalanced diet and continue that lifestyle. So like every other part of your body, your face can start to get fat in it.

How to Know If You Have Face Fat?

Through the information presented below, everyone can know how to know if you have facial fat? So let's collect more information about that.

Many people have different fat pockets on the face where usually fat build-up occurs. For example, fat is found on the sides of your face, cheeks, eyelids, jawline, chin and neck. And because of that, over time, your face becomes swollen around these areas and your face is fat.

Is it possible to just lose fat in your face?

Here we just want to know if it is possible to lose fat on your face. So by following the steps below you will know whether it is possible to lose fat on your face.

It is definitely possible to lose your facial fat. But even so, you cannot aim to lose your body weight in this area.

The best way for many people to lose weight in the face is to try to lead a more balanced lifestyle, including following a balanced diet.

When your goal is to lose body fat, you need to pay regular attention to your workouts and diet to create calories.

Usually your facial fat is caused by being overweight and therefore greener is a more obvious solution. And look at any of the many other health calculators that can help you on your fitness journey.

If you want to lose fat, you need to be very focused on where your diet and its calories come from, so it is important that you stick to your diet by sticking to as many foods as possible.

2. Effective Tips to Lose Fat in Your Face

Effective Tips to Lose Fat in Your Face

Losing weight can be a challenge on its own, let alone from a specific area of your body and particularly extra fat in the face is an incredibly frustrating problem to solve. In most cases, gaining fat around the face is a result of gaining excess fat around the rest of the body. However, we have talked to some effective tips to lose fat in your face.

1. Do Facial Exercise

This exercise can be used to improve facial appearance combat aging and improve muscle strength and anecdotal reports claim that regular doing your facial exercise can also tone facial muscles and make your face appear slimmer.

Most popular exercise also include in the facial exercise are puffing out cheeks and pushing the air from side to side, Pickering your tips on alternative sides and holding a smile clenching your teeth for some second. And good advice that perform facial exercise twice a day eight weeks increase muscle thickness.

2. Add Cardio to your Routine

In this tip, cardio or aerobic exercise is one type of physical activity that increases your heart rate and it is the most effective method for weight loss.

Multiple studies have found that this method can help promote fat burning and increase fat loss.

Some examples of this exercise are running, walking, biking, and swimming.

3. Drink More Water

Drink more water is the importance of overall health but it is the most important role in lose facial fat.

Some studies say that water can keep you feeling full and enhance weight loss and some older adults suggest that drinking water with breakfast decrease calorie intake by approximately 13%.

And some another study showed that drinking water temporarily increased metabolism by 24% and increasing the number of calories you burn over the course of the day and it is help weight loss.

4. Limit Alcohol Consumption

We enjoy the special occasional glass of wine at dinner, is the biggest contributor to increase facial fat and bloating. Alcohol is low in nutrients but high in calories and it is associated with an increased risk of weight gain. So suggest that limit the alcohol to lose weight.

5. Cut Back On Refined Carbs

Refined carbs like cookies, crackers and pasta are common culprit of weight gain and also increases fat storage. And this has a large number of nutrients and fiber and leaving little behind beside sugar and calories.

This contains little fiber and digested rapidly and crashes in blood sugar levels and it is higher risk. So this type of food swapping them out for whole grains and help increase overall weight loss and may also aid facial fat loss.

6. Switch Up Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep deprivation can reduce an increase in the level of cortisol, stress hormones that comes with a long list of potential side effects, including weight gain. Catching up on sleep is an important or one type of advantage weight loss strategy. It may also help you lose facial fat.

Study found that better sleep quality was associated with an increase of weight loss success. And suggestions that at least eight hours of sleep per night to aid weight control and facial fat loss.

7. Watch your Sodium Intake

Sodium causes your body to hold extra water, resulting in fluid retention and intake of sodium is harmful to our body. Several studies have shown that higher intake of sodium can increase fluid retention, especially in people who are more sensitive to the effects of salt. So we suggest that reduce the sodium in your diet, to make your face appear slimmer.

8. Improve Overall Diet

In the diet increase the amount of carbohydrates is the risk of gaining excess fat. In most causes it can find reasonable replacement for overly processed food and refined carbohydrates.

Example of refined carbohydrates food includes pasta, white rice, white bread, sucrose, syrups and frosting, most breakfast cereals reduce fat product.

9. Try Facial Massage

Facial massage is one of the important and serious potential to help you lose face fat.

To the use of facial massage, is boosting blood circulation in the face, thereby reducing any bloat that is unnatural and also facial massage facilitates cell regeneration and face relaxation.

Face relaxation is very helpful in flushing out toxins from the skin on your face.

3. Try These Effective Facial Exercise

Try These Effective Facial Exercise

You should always embrace the looks you were born with because confidence is the best attractiveness boost and also said that there are ways you can naturally make your face look slimmer, we have seen try some effective facial exercise.

1. Try toning your face with facial exercise

We all exercise our face to make it look slimmer and it is only possible with works by strengthening facial muscles, reducing saggy skin in the face. We all try the cheek puff exercise, it is simply take a deep breath and hold the air in your cheeks them push it to the other cheek, this exercise do several times throughout the day.

And another is smile exercise that tightens the cheeks and mouth is to smile and clench your teeth for a few seconds.

Do this exercise on one side and then switch sides. Then pucker your lips for five second, Hold the pucker on the right and then switch to the left side of your face. And even just by smiling and laughing a lot of your face will look more slender.

2. Increase your metabolism by exercising the body

Just walking for 30 minutes most days a week for you could try a circuit training program 3-5 days a week. Any exercise is going to help boost your metabolism, it reduce overall fat slim your face.

When you can eat junk food because exercise will take care of it because it losing weight is mostly diet and although exercise will definitely strengthen the body and improve health.

3. Try creative options for slimming the face

The blowing balloons to hot towel treatment and there are many ideas out there that are said to slim the face. Blowing balloons will tone your cheeks, it is exercise of the muscles in them, and just blow a balloon and release the air in it and this exercise do in 10 times in a day, you should notice a difference in 5 days.

Another is trying putting hot towels on your face because some steam can help you reduce cheek fat, and they your face will look sweet and release some fat stored in your face.

Chew sugar free gum for at least 20 minutes twice a day and this exercise actually works as a facial exercise that will cut calories and tone your face.

4. Facial exercise

Here we give some facial exercise to try to lose fat in your face.

A) Facial Yoga

Doing this throne will tone your facial muscles and also help with detoxification and it is important to follow the steps carefully and practice a few minutes each morning to get the desired results.

B) XO Exercise

Doing this exercise stretches the muscles of your face and this will make you feel relaxed and improve the blood circulation to your face. You can do this exercise at any time of the day.

C) Hippo's Jaws

Doing this exercise has a very effective effect on your face. So you should open your mouth as wide as possible and hold it for 10 seconds and then rest.

D) Fish Face

This exercise is your ultimate facial exercise. First suck your cheeks and try to smile and hold this position for five seconds and then it should release.

E) Chin Lift

Doing this exercise helps you get rid of double chin by toning the muscles in the area of your body. So pull your lower lip upwards, and hold it for five seconds.

F) Blowing Air

Doing this exercise will tone your neck, neck, jaw and facial muscles. Then you sit on a chair and be sure to keep your spine straight. And now, look at the ceiling, your lips should stretch and your breath should be out of your mouth.

G) Jaw Release

Doing this exercise will help tone your jaw and cheek muscles and keep you together, keeping your lips together, and moving your lower jaw in a circular motion, then widening your mouth forward and the top of your tongue when you breathe. Hold the back of your teeth and inhale. This should be kept for three to five seconds.

H) Cheek Puff Exercise

Doing this exercise also tones the muscles of your cheeks and helps your face look thinner. Take a deep breath and hold the air in your right cheek for six seconds, then transfer that air to the left cheek, and it should hold for six seconds.

I) Check Lift

By doing this exercise, pull your right cheek using the index, middle and ring fingers in the direction of your eyes. And if necessary keep your eyes closed for about 10 seconds and then repeat on the opposite cheek.

5. The duck face

This exercise is first we start off by working the central muscle of our cheeks then pucker up your lips and open and close your mouth. And make sour you push your lips outward and tense your face to get those muscles working. This activity is revising 15 times at a time.

6. The half cringe

In this exercise, as the name suggests, push one corner of your mouth back while tensing the muscles in your neck. You are doing it right if you can see the lines on your neck in the mirror; this exercise is revising 15 times at a time.

7. Cheekbone Sculptor

High cheekbones will bring more definition to a chubby face and this exercise will do with open your mouth into an oval smile with your lips over your teeth, bring your fingers to the cheekbones and push upward for face that instant facial lift. Doing this exercise is held for 30 second.

8. Closed eyes

You believe that just closing your eyes can help you burn fat in your cheeks. So close your eyes as light as possible and really crunch up your face you do this in order to feel the tension in your face. This exercise holds for 3 second and does 15 times.

9. Side Kisses

In this exercise pucker up your lips as much as you can move your lips from left to right and do this exercise in both the side. This exercise is revising in 15 times.

4. The Best Way to Lose Face Fat By Yoga

The best way to lose face fat by Yoga

Yoga is the best way to get rid of fine lines and fat from your face and it is chemically free. We have seen simple yoga exercise will help you lose fat and also slows down the signs of aging from appearing on your face.

1. Simple Mudra

In this yoga exercise, you need to kneel down comfortably with your palm placed your thing, and then stick your tongue outward and stretch it downward forcefully. While doing exercise exhale and make a roaring sound like a lion.

2. Fish Face

We all fall in love with this special facial yoga pose instantly because you just have to suck your cheeks in like you do while making that fish face in your selfish. We use this exercise to clicking selfish with a pout, then hold that position and try to smile as widely as you can with that pout.

3. Mouthwash Technique

In this exercise, as the name suggests, all we have to do is to fill up your mouth with air and transfer it from one corner to another the way you do while rinsing your mouth with water in the morning.

Those laugh lines and flabby cheeks at bay by practicing the mouthwash technique, this exercise is to continue the procedure for 20-30 second, relax and then repeat.

4. Jivha Bandha

This exercise is given multiple benefits of a chiseled jawline and a tighter face. Doing this exercise just sit comfortably and place the tip of your tongue against that wall until you can feel the stretch in your neck.

5. Jaw Release

In this exercise, sit comfortably and tighten your chin as of pulling it upwards against gravity. This position is held till you feel the stretch in your neck, release it slowly while breathing from your nose.

5. Home Remedies For Losing Face Fat

Home remedies for losing face fat

Of you know to how to reduce easily face fat by our home remedies that you will be amazed to find the number of miracle food items add in out diet food and we find out desired result. This type some home remedies are suggested below to help excellently in burning fat.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has highly effective anti – inflammatory proportion that brings great effect on the fat cells. In a study it has been proven that people that use turmeric in their daily diet have less body fat as compared to other people who use turmeric consumption. We use turmeric in recipes like salads, sandwiches, and fresh juice by sprinkle some turmeric powder.

2. Tomato

Tomato is considered that an effective remedy to burn fat easily and tomato also help in controlling blood sugar. If you do not have regular exercise, don’t worry, three glasses of tomato juice a day can burn the fat.

We always make tomato juice at home because juice available in the market contain salt, so to avoid water retention bring tomato at home and prepare juice using a blender.

3. Avocado

In the avocado monounsaturated fat is available and it is a help in fat burning, which makes it a perfect food for weight loss. Avocado contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that play a great role in managing a healthy weight. We adding slices of avocado to salad and smoothies are a great idea to increase its consumption.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is considered as the healthy beverage for weight loss, so it is suggested that we use instead of coffee, green tea is used as the burning fat remedy. Green tea is highly powerful to turn more calories and bring stronger effect.

5. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are healthier, boost metabolism and works wonderfully for weight loss. Brazil nuts are packed with minerals and nutrients, these nuts are very important for women to enhance their reproductive health.


Losing face fat is completely depends on the volume of fat in your body, and the dedicated timeframe to achieve the weight loss goals and your personal preference.

We did our work to guide you with helpful and better way to easy, follow all tips to lose fat in your face in different ways.

Thank you for reading this article! Please share it and read more on Health Benefits Of Wine Drinking in the next posts.

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