How to Hang a Picture Like a Professional

Today we are going to talk about how to hang a picture. Without some art in the walls, no home is complete, whether you're plotting out an expansive gallery wall or hanging a single piece of affordable artwork, not all hanging hardware is created equal means people choose many different types of hardware, especially given all the different shapes and sizes picture frames have these days. So let's get some more information about How to Hang a Picture Like a Professional.

There are some technical and many things to consider and many things to learn before you hang a picture, so if you are having a problem with how to hang a picture, just consider the following tips.

It is also important that the advanced planning is well worth the effort, it will save you from putting unnecessary holes in the wall, it needs to be saved, so it will save you from putting unnecessary holes in the wall.

To hang a picture on the wall in the proper way, things like framed wall art, d – rings and hanging wire, picture hooks or nails, hammer, measuring tape and pencil will be needed, and follow the given point.

1. Decide on a strategy

You will check the weight, size, and shape of the item you are hanging, and decide what type of look we like in the wall and the material of your walls, which means which material used to make your wall also important, both need to be considered before you so much as get near a hammer.

2. Consider the wall surface

If the wall you are working, means you have decided the wall to hang a picture on is made from drywall, then you are lucky, because this is the easiest material to work with, since it's an easy material to penetrate, it is also important to use a drywall anchor to hang pictures.

These walls are a little trickier and generally this type of wall is found in older homes, as they have a tendency to crumble, approaching the process same way you would when working with drywall.

It is a good idea to pre - drill your hole and it is used in plaster walls because it prevents crumbling. Place a piece of painter's tape on the wall before drilling.

If your walls are made of brick, then you will need to use a wall anchor, and use a masonry bit on your drill to drill into mortar, not the actual brick.

3. Choose your hanging hardware

If you have seen any time the back of a picture frame, you know there are multiple hardware options, saw tooth hangers, including D-rings, and wire, among all we have to choose hanging hardware depending on the picture and wall.

There are many hanging methods available and among these one single nail can likely do the trick and is the easiest method if the frame comes with a hook or saw tooth hanger, through this method we can hang pictures properly and easily.

Other hanging methods are hanging a picture with a wire, for greater stability, consider hanging your picture with a wire suspended between two D-rings opposite each other. The process is the same as it is when hanging a picture with nails but this method has just two-fold.

One method is hang a picture without nails, if you are hesitant to make any holes in your walls or any problem to holes in your hole, hooks and strips are a better options for lighter frames these products are also great and looking good for plaster and brick surfaces, since these wall materials are more prone to crumbling and cracking and we easily hang the picture.

We have decide that we not use the nail or screws then, Velcro picture strips is used to allow you to hang pictures and frames without the use of nails, screws, so do not damage the wall, they lock together holding the picture firmly to the wall, and are easy to remove, leaving no marks, damage or nail holes, so after hang the picture we can remove and hang another place.

4. How to arrange pictures on a wall

If you are creating a gallery wall with multiple frames, means you are very interested in many picture hang on your wall, hanging everything too close together can make it look busy, just as making everything too far apart can make it look disconnected but plan for picture frames to be hung at least 1 apart from each other is a very good idea.

Arrange picture in wall is think that, if you are into the whole leaning thing and want to formalize a place for such activity, consider adding a shallow picture shelf in one of your rooms, you can arrange it in many way.

If you do not want to put a hole in your wall, then you, and then consider a picture rail, a sliver of molding that goes up near the ceiling from which you can hang your art on hooks and strings and then change it out whenever you want without any type of damage.

5. Make sure it is perfectly level

First you have confirmed the height at which you will hang your picture, use a pencil to mark the wall. If you are using a wire or more than one hook, use a level to ensure the marks are at the same height.

One way to make sure you always have level frames, means the frame is to equally distribute the weight between both sides, if you are using a hook and nail to hang your frame, it is to make sure both side frames are equally weighted.

A good way to see if your frame is equal distribution of weight is to use a ruler measure to see that your nail will be as close to the center of the frame as possible, using a level is also the easiest way to see if your frame is straight and even in smart app is also available to check the frame level.

6. Measuring is Key

Making sure that your frame hangs exactly where you want means maintaining proper distance is an important point. With proper distance, measuring the distance between the top of your frame and the hanging wire/bracket is important after measuring so you can hang the picture properly.

Another good tip is to make sure you pull the hanging wire up toward the top of the frame before measuring; it will have once the frame's own weight pulls on the wire and nail.

If you have purchased a metal frame from us here at Frame It Easy you can adjust the hanging wire tabs up and down the back of the frame rail by loosening a half-turn with a screwdriver, and it looks good.

7. Use Painter’s Tape as Your Secret Picture Framing Weapon

Painters tape is our favorite tool to keep in our home decor arsenal because it looks very good and changes the decoration of home, from measuring to blocking, it can be used in a variety of ways to turn you into a picture hanging hero, painter tape gives an extra look to your wall.

8. Finally, hang your picture

After all the things, you can finally put your decor on the wall, all the things are decided to hang a picture and after it, once secure on the wall, use a level one more time to check the perfectness of the picture, tweaking as necessary, to ensure everything is just right.

Either we hang pictures on the nail or hook or wire, your work should be perfectly placed and repeat as necessary for an art - filled home.

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